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Topic: Loading .sf2 files in Kompakt

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    Loading .sf2 files in Kompakt

    I tried to load an .sf2 drum kit in Kompakt this morning and it wouldn't recognize it. Is there something I'm doing wrong? The Kompakt browser wouldn't even see the file.

    Thanks all

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    Re: Loading .sf2 files in Kompakt

    Make sure that uptop the browser under "show", that all the file types are checked off. Then, in the programs folder in the browser, jsut drag and drop...

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    Re: Loading .sf2 files in Kompakt

    When the file appears in your browser as .sf2 file, you should click twice on the file, and then an new folder will appear with the name "programs" on it. Then you should select this folder and the real file will appear on the file browser. Then you can drag and drop to the rack.

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