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Topic: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

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    Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    The last 5 or 6 months I have been working on my piano concerto and now I'm finally done with it. This is the 3rd Movement...If you want...I could post up the first movement and second movements. This movement is marked Allegro Scherzando and is about 9:15 minutes long...I know it is a big download but I've gotten some good comments on it so download it!

    Download it here:

    Everything in here is done by Garritan Personal Orchestra...and I performed the piano part in myself using a midi piano. Please give me your comments.

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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    My goodness, Christopher, this is jaw-droppingly good work. First of all, let me hear those other two movements!!! I can't tell you how satisfying it is to hear someone take my programming and create something like this. "Concert" works of this sort are what I was (personally) most hoping to hear from users when we introduced this library. Absolutely lovely. Thanks so much for posting this, you've made my day.


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    Cool Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)


    Absolutely wonderful !

    I love the way you mix classical music with the jazzy phrases. The tempo/meter changes are very clever, and the piece itself is remarkably harmonic and well suited for romantic christmas movies!

    Fantastic job!.. Nothing else to say here!

    /thomas regin.

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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    Masterfully done, bravo! I'm curious though: what piano did you use in this piece?

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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)


    This is quite an impressive debut that you made today. Absolutely stunning!
    This one gets downloaded into my mp3 library. It deserves multiple listenings. Thanks.


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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    Excellent! Really enjoyed this piece. I would love to hear the other movements.

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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    It's nice to listen a real composition that is not simply a demo made only to showcase a sample library.
    It's well composed and orchestrated skillfully : I like the first section with its rythmic and harmonic vitality, it's refreshing. The slow middle section was less interesting to me : it was static and more predictable.
    I don't understand the end of the movement, apparently it will be also the end of the concerto ?I really would like to listen to the others movements to appreciate the whole work.
    It's sounds good except the strings , in the upper register: they synthetic.

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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    What a great piece...wow , I liked it a lot!!!
    Leandro Gardini - classical/orchestral composer

    Pacific Ocean - http://www.pacificocean.com.br

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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    Jesus Chris!!!.....very classy, 'world class' composition and realisation. At the opening I thought it was going to be too avante garde for my taste but No! You cleverly hold it in check with a wonderful balance which I think shows great skill. Six months well spent....thanks for the listen. I'm a melodic Adagio man at heart so please load up the other movements.

    Will this be your entry in the live orchestra competition? If it is you've just raised the bar to a level which most of us will just walk under!

    I like this in the way that I like Ravel's Piano concerto in G, which I luckily heard in the car a few years ago, which is quite lyrical until the first 'mistake'.....you know what I mean if you know the piece.

    I can also empathise with Tom Hopkin's heartfelt appreciation of your work....I have enjoyed, in a small way, the tremendous satisfaction of having people use something which you have created.

    I've commented many times on how impressive the GPO piano is; from 'rags' to riches! Sicmu is right though... the strings are a little synthetic in a few places but they are for short duration and are immediately fogotten as the piece progresses. A little MIDI tweaking could probably perfect even this....but where do you stop?

    I know what Sicmu means but I don't quite agree about the middle section as I think it is saved just in time.....which again is such a clever trick. It makes me feel somewhat churlish to make these comments about such a marvellous piece.

    However I think postings, like music, should have balance (as in your piece) otherwise the whole thing becomes sickly sycophantic and not honest....... to the point of comedy. (Sorry Gary )

    I thought your production was excellent too....any tips on reverb, equalisation, compression? or was this just straight ambience reverb and talent!!!


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    Re: Piano Concerto in B Minor - 3rd Movment (Allegro Scherzando)

    In italian I would say: "249 dollari spesi benissimo". In English it should sound like: "We all did a very good thing when we bought GPO" (please, correct me, thank you :-).

    Great work


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