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Topic: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

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    Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

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    Wife and I just got back from showing here in Texas. No boo's - cheering, and standing ovation at the end. Just FYI
    P.S. Rebublican buds of mine were there and cheered it too.

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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    Obviously Wes and Brady stayed home. That's cool. I saw it today. thought it was great. I think it was pretty kind actually. It stayed away from the whole "911 Bush was involved" theme. Probably smart, considering the average person's reaction to this topic.

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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    Just got back from it. Audience burst into applause afterwards. I came away from it feeling pretty depressed. Some of the material is heart-wrenching. I can't really see ANYONE (except perhaps for the Bush family/friends and Haliburton) having any real objections with this movie. It's very straight forward and based on established fact. Moore is pretty subdued, stays out of the picture for the most part.

    I urge ALL of you to see it. Even you Bush supporters. Especially you Bush supporters.

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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    Here in NJ it played to a full house.
    Ovations at the end as well.
    I dreamt of Bush last night... no wonder why I'm on edge today.
    Can't help but think back on some of the things that were showed last nite..
    Lots of teenagers in the theater. It is a good thing.
    This is going to shock people that have been out of the loop

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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    I hope it gets an ovation in every city in every state in the country.

    I am not a Michael Moore supporter per se. And to be honest, I felt that there was an ample helping of propoganda in the movie.

    But if it will reach the ignorant and at least get them thinking and re-evaluating their opinions I feel that it will have been a service.

    Michael Moore has his faults but they are infinitesimal compared to those
    in power.

    You disagree? Go ahead. Bring it on!


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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    I saw the film opening night. First day sold out, but I had gone online for the tickets.

    I've been thinking about how Brady might respond.

    Well, here are some things not touched in the film: healthcare, taxation rates, the environment, free market vs regulated market, homosexuality, and on and on. So, for the most part the film doesn't split people along ideological lines. Some religious perspectives are shown with respect and without judgement. So, many of the topics that a Christian Libertarian might take issue with simply were not part of the film.

    Here are things it does cover: that Bush lost the popular vote and likely the full state of Florida, had there been a recount. Bush is a jerk. Saudis (including bin Ladens) could fly on 9/13, while Americans could not. Cronyism is rampant. The Bush family has deep ties to the Saudi royals. War profiteering is real. War is hell - tragic hell. Congress was quick to take away our rights, but hasn't really done what would be required to keep us secure. The war is fought by America's poor.

    The last point would likely brush Brady the wrong way, but the other items likely would not. There was one particular line that should have been edited out. Something like "the poor are forced to live in crummy neighborhoods". They should have removed "are forced to". People aren't generally forced to live anywhere in America. The film also showed some run down areas of Flint, and spent lots of time with a social worker who is now successful (with a govt paycheck), who got back on her feet in years past with the help of social aid.

    But that was as close as one could get to left wing ideology in the film. It was generally about abuse of power, rather than ideology or party affiliation.

    There are some cheap shots of Bush and his administration from behind the scenes. Put a camera on any of us 24 hours a day, and you can make us all look like fools. But there was something more. For instance, Bush shoots a clay pidgeon, turns around and asks "did anybody say, 'nice shot'?". The group responds "Nice shot!". It's a moment that shows Bush as the self-centered, manipulative egotist that he is. None of us would have done that without a script as the bad guy.

    But the overarching premise isn't so light. The film shows greusome scenes from the war. It shows a tiny glimpse of the tragedy of the invasion of Iraq. Multiply what the film shows by a thousand times and you still don't reach the real level of horror that has taken place. And it shows that this war was not necessary. That the Bush Administration chose this path willfully. And the human cost is ungodly.

    Essentially, it shows that the need to rid our country of the Bush dynasty isn't just politics. It's a matter of life and death.

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    Brian Ralston Needs to See It

    Brian W., I sincerely think you need to see Moore's movie.


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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    I think everyone must see that movie, whether you're liberal or not. It really brings everything down to a real, human level. Sure it's one-sided, but everything in there is factual.

    Really well done (except for the Phillip Glass-like underscore - or was it actually Phillip Glass?).

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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    Talking about Phillip Glass have you seen the Fog of War?
    Another very interesting documentary.
    F.9/11 should be seen by everyone, regardless of political affiliations.
    Sure, there are some obvious points where the movie is biased but overall, what you get to see is reality. As a society, we all have a part of responsability when our government decides to go to war.
    Therefore, we should look at the beast in the eyes and see its montrous head first hand.
    We are so remote from the sad reality of it all that it takes a documentary such as this one to be able to get a small, remote idea of what a war is about (the fact that this is a totally unjustified war makes it all the more disgusting)

    No hollywood ending there...

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    Re: Farenheit 9/11 gets Ovation...in TEXAS

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    Really well done (except for the Phillip Glass-like underscore - or was it actually Phillip Glass?).
    It wasn't Phillip Glass. I remember seeing the composer's name, but it wasn't a name that I recognized., so I've forgotten it.

    I thought the underscore was okay, but the choice of "songs" was excellent. Especially "We've Gotta Get Outta This Place" when the Saudi's flew home. Classic.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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