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Topic: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

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    Question Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    I am considering to finally dump my old 21" CRT in favor of a good LCD monitor. Given its very subtle casing, I am thinking about the Samsung 192N, which is a nice type for having two of them side-by-side.

    If I run at 1280 x 1024, should I really go for the 19" version? Or is the 17" version also very usable? I can imagine that in a recording situation you want to be able to view the monitor from a larger distance than for office work.


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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    hey peter, the bigger the better right? If you are thinking about the 17" it's good for your office work but then not soo good when composing. two 19" LCD sounds great...but expensive... what graphic card are you using?

    I'm going to buy 3 19" CRT Medion screens using my matrox pharelia 128 mb. What resolution did you use when you used the 21" CRT?

    1024 x 768 works good with a 17" screen.

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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    Hello Audun,

    It all depends on how sharp the display is. I have my Dell laptop running at 1600 x 1280, which looks great. The big CTX 21" CRT for my DAW look terribly unsharp though, and at 1600 I have to guess what the smaller texts read...

    I already have a Matrox dualhead card in the DAW PC, but have not yet used it for 2 monitors.

    Of course the bigger the better, but there is also a price tag to that, 120 euro difference for the 17" and 19" versions. My eyes are getting worse at short distance, so 19" might be a better investment.

    I don't think you should use an LCD monitor at a lower than intended resolution. Both Samsungs are for 1280 x 1024.


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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    I would recommend getting a 19" LCD for 1280x1024. I found that doing music on my 17" LCD strained my eyes at 1280x1024.

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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    Peter, are you really prepared to lower the resolution and losing screen space? I'm also used to 1600x1200 on my laptop and on various CRT's and I recently got a 20" TFT at my day-gig (finally) and the difference from the 22" CRT I had previously is incredible! Crystal clear picture on both screens running dual-monitor with my laptop.

    Regarding your question I'd probably go with a 19" even though you don't seem to have problems with the high resolution on your laptop. Larger monitors are certainly causing less stress on your eyes in the long run.


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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    It's probably individual, plus the distance you sit from the monitors and especially their quality make a huge difference. I run two 17" AG Neovo flat panel monitors side-by-side all day long, and they don't strain my 48-year-old eyes in the least.

    In my set-up, 19" monitors would just block the speakers, while the 17" let me get a pretty clear shot at them.

    But I don't pretend to be everyone else!

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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    In my set-up, 19" monitors would just block the speakers, while the 17" let me get a pretty clear shot at them.
    Yes, that's a problem. I have lowered and tilted my monitors sligtly so that the usable screen area starts just above the table surface in order to address it. Personally I don't mind having them that way, but other people want their monitors high up and then it becomes more of a problem. Especially if they are like me who like to work with mid-field rather than near-field speakers as much as possible.


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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments.

    Hey, what about this size:




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    Re: Samsung 1280 x 1024: 17" or 19"?

    I have two Samsung 172W wide screen 17" LCD monitors. I opted for the widescreen because of the way Sequencers scroll and would allow me more veiwable measures of music per screen real estate. If space is not a concern then certainly go with the largest monitors you can afford. My monitors sit approximately 20" from my face and I have no problems viewing them at that resolution. Space (mainly heigth) was a big factor for me as well. My Mackie HR824's Sit at 42" and I did not want to have to increase monitor height, sacrifice the mixing sweet spot for larger monitors. Hope this helps.

    Take care,

    P.S. Samsung is a great choice for monitor. In all my comparisons they had the sharpest image quality of all the others I checked out in the same or near price range.

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