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Topic: Studio Grand 88 / Rain Piano convoluting demo

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    Studio Grand 88 / Rain Piano convoluting demo

    Just a friendly reminder that you still can get the Studio Grand 88 or Rain Piano for free if you buy the White Grand during June, so still a couple of days left.
    To make decisions a bit easier, () I've made two new demos that has a bit of a twist!
    Since neither the SG88 or Rain Piano has any release samples in them, I decided to try to throw in a grand piano resonance impulse on them and was just totally flabbergasted!
    The impulse is from the resonance of a grand piano and works on the pedal up samples to give it a natural release.
    This is what you can do with these two pianos with GS3! The convoluting works so great it's just silly.....
    Nothing else have been done to the pianos in these two demos, just the resonance impulse.

    Rain Piano Convoluting
    Studio Grand 88 Convoluting

    To get the SG88 or Rain Piano for nothing at all, just buy the White Grand from SampleTekk or a dealer of your choise, register the product and let us know which piano you want, and we'll send the piano to you!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Studio Grand 88 / Rain Piano convoluting demo

    Hi Worra,

    How about posting the "dry" versions for comparison?

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    Re: Studio Grand 88 / Rain Piano convoluting demo

    Worra, it sounds very convincing I think. Just too bad that I'm low on fund.

    Btw. did you get my email? Wasn't sure if you had changed your email address.

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