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Topic: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

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    Question Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    Hi ,

    I don't know this sampler but due to the delay of the release of Gigastudio 3 I'm really tired to wait and I would like to buy Kontakt because I 've read a lot of good things about it. Especially it seems to work very good with Cakewalk Sonar (the sequencer I use) . I have only some doubt about the import of GIGA files (I have a lot of them) . Does it import creating a milion of wave files like Halion ? Does the import process work good? It's a good sampler? Better or not than GIGASTUDIO?


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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    Well, "better" is certainly subjective. IMO Kontakt is more convient, more interesting and creative. the Giga import isnt bad on most libs. but a couple little things are off, nothing major anymore..its a little easier import than Halion but it does make 1 patch file and breaks up the waves like Halion. It all ends up in 1 folder so who cares...Halion 3 looks good too!!! Rich

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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    Well, I think Kontakt is superior in many features.

    1 - First of all, it is available, while Giga 3 is only a fairy tale.

    2 - It will work with any hardware you may have, while GigaStudio requires special compatible hardware.

    3 - Its converts very well .gig files.

    4 - The interface is much, much better. You don´t wanna know what is it like to edit a program in GigaStudio.

    5 - It is both VSTi and DXi.

    That´s it.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    If you turn off the "direct from disk" option, the import will not create a million little wave files. All you'll have to do is save a tiny .nki patch file. The vast majority of my Giga sample library, with the exception of my gargantuan pianos, work fabulously with Kontakt.

    I'm firmly in the Kontakt camp now!

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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    I am very happy to be the owner of GPO and therefore Kontakt "Player"
    I am here now only briefly with my midi-sounds oneclick back, I had wanted to express my joy with the purchase I had decided months ago to make, (GPO).
    This ownership of GPO makes me also interested in the difference in Kontakt player and ... TRYING TO FORM AN OPINION on the matter of should i want to acquire the full Kontakt player... has not been ,well its not happening automatically, or anything natural like that.
    Will anyone describe the added functionality, or extra features or the interface augmentations or the increased articulations/abilities ,a GPO user might expect from upgrading to the FULL Kontakt Player? I mean, do folks who use GOS all own both Giga as well as full Kontakt?, or the other way around? All i want is to increase my savv, no more.

    I am really loving the Libraries and I want it all...including the "GOS", ultimately, since there will be added articulative-functionality, in making this upgrade, for me..and I consider myself worthy of all I can give to my "talent" such as it is... I believe part (or more) of the "magic" of "talent" is merely perception,(of course it is), and having the best of the best after all,is merely properly outfitting ones self.

    My inspiration for this post was how much my appreciation I feel to Gary, and i just wanted to express this in as public a way as Possible

    I used to lust in my mind for a thing called the "Mellotron"..I know you remember those! Today I feel as fortunate in not wishing for that as i once did... thanks to the vision of one Gary Garritan.

    ps my sincere apologies, if my length or placement or any aspect posting has been less than conformed by forum policy, as my intent is to always be in correct conformity, and any enlightening quips are totally welcome

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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    I use GPO in Kontakt and rarely use the Kontakt Player that came with GPO. The current Kontakt allows 16 instruments to be loaded in one instance so this cuts down the amount of instances needed to be loaded. This also saves memory and CPU usage.

    I have also imported a good portion of my Giga libraries which I've tweaked to behave more like GPO. Now I can use my Giga libraries as a VST plugin.

    The neat thing about Kontakt is that you can edit the instruments included in GPO (although this rare as the programming is quite good).

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    so you use Kontakt full to run not only gpo but also giga sounds too, very helpful indeed.
    thankyou Haydn

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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    Haydn and others,

    Which version of Kontakt should I get so that I can run 16 instruments in one instance? I have Platinum Strings and Percussion and being limited to 8 tracks with the scaled down Kontakt module is frustrating.

    I'll be spreading this across two computers.

    Would someone tell me what version of Kontakt to get if I want to run EWQLSO?

    I am using two versions of Cakewalk Home Studio (2002 and an even older version).


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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    Marko, the latest Kontakt 1.53 is the one that will let u load in 16 inst. The rests are Kompakt (QLSO) and the kompakt players (GPO). Check the NI website i think theres an upgrade offer. Its the full deal..rich

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    Re: Kontakt (perhaps) new user

    Yes - its a $249 upgrade.

    Here's the link:

    Kompakt player to Full Kontakt

    Scroll down to match your present player with the target sampler you want.

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