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Topic: cheap vid card?

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    cheap vid card?

    I'm looking for a very cheap video card to chunk into my Gigastudio computer. I have no need for anything fancy - in fact I don't even need a card with graphics acceleration I assume. Any suggestions on something that'll painlessly get the job done? The motherboard is an ASUS P4C800E Deluxe. I'd prefer AGP to PCI.


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    Re: cheap vid card?

    How about a Matrox P650. It has Dual-DVI outputs which support
    1600x1200 over the digital links (and even more on the analog ones)
    This card has no fan, so it does not add on the noise-floor you
    already got from cpu & power-supply-fans...


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    Re: cheap vid card?

    oops - just now saw the "very cheap" which unfortunately
    does not fit the P650... I'd look out for a something with
    Geforce 440mx chipset - those can be had with passive
    cooling and are quite inexpensive...


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    Re: cheap vid card?

    There is also the GeForceFX. The simplest models have suport for dual monitors, and they are pretty fast.

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    Re: cheap vid card?

    Great! Thanks for the leads.

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    Re: cheap vid card?

    I like the Radeon 9200SE - good and cheap.

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