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Topic: Is TascamGiga site down ?

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    Unhappy Is TascamGiga site down ?

    All the links in the update page are down (trying to download 2.54), since at least yesterday. Anyone know what's happening ?


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    Re: Is TascamGiga site down ?

    This link seems to be working:


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    Re: Is TascamGiga site down ?

    thanks for the answer, but that links also is not working, and if i sign-in , i just get to a blank page ..
    I sent also an email to tascam support but to no answer..
    Any ideas ?

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    Re: Is TascamGiga site down ?

    No, but I can tell you the link works for me. Tascam is not down.

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    Re: Is TascamGiga site down ?

    Works for me too. Maybe try a different browser? (Netscape vs. IE)

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    Re: Is TascamGiga site down ?

    Actually, it's not the www.tascamgiga.com/products/version link that's not working, it's the "version 2.54 update" link (and all the other version links) that just time-out after 60 seconds and can't find the page. I've tried with Safari and Explorer on my mac and Explorer on my pc and always get the same...

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    Re: Is TascamGiga site down ?

    The link to 2.54 update is working now (and it definitely was not working for the last 24hours..)

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