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Topic: Variations control in Kontakt?

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    Question Variations control in Kontakt?


    Just bought the NI komplete
    When I launched the Kontakt and loaded it with the GPO presets I
    couldn't find the portamento or variations controls.
    Do I have to setup this by myself?



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    Re: Variations control in Kontakt?


    No setup required. The full version of Kontakt doesn’t have the obvious “knobs” on the interface that you see in the player but keep in mind that these knobs are in the player mostly as a reminder to the user of the available functions. The knobs in the player can be used to audition the effect of the controller but they are not intended to be used to control the functions during music production. Portamento and the two variability controls are not “set and forget” controls. These features are to be applied to specific situations where their functions are relevant. These functions are to be controlled using MIDI data placed in the tracks of your sequencer either by drawing the data into the tracks or by using an external hardware controller with assignable sliders/knobs to send data for recording to your tracks. In the full version of Kontakt the three controllers you asked about are:

    cc20 = portamento
    cc22 = VAR 1
    cc24 = VAR 2

    Portamento data should be drawn at the note-transition points where you want the notes to slide one to the next. The size of the interval between notes affects the data values required to achieve the desired effect. Higher values give a stronger effect relative to the size of the interval (smaller intervals generally need somewhat higher values for a given strength of portamento). The next update of GPO will have some portamento enhancements.

    VAR 1 (intonation variability) data is best applied to rapid scales and other passages where a real player would find it difficult to maintain accurate intonation. The data should be drawn for the rapid notes only and generally avoided on any notes of sufficient duration for a player to get enough aural feedback to adjust the tuning of the note. There are always exceptions but this is, nevertheless, a reasonable rule to follow.

    VAR 2 (timbre variability) data should be used in rapid passages with repeated notes to help avoid the “machine gun” effect. This feature is only available in the full version of Kontakt at present. The GPO update will also activate VAR 2 in the player.

    In each case the controller is applied directly to the needed location, not turned on at the beginning of the track and left on. When these controllers are used as designed there is no procedural difference between the player and the full version of Kontakt.


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    Re: Variations control in Kontakt?

    Thanks !

    SO if I want to assign cc 1 20,22 and 24 to host automation ID's in Kontakt for use in Logic.
    If cc1 dont have a knob I can assign a ID to how do I do then?
    The reason is to be able to use LogicPro's track automation.(and also Logic Control Surface)



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