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Topic: Halion 3 included samples

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    Halion 3 included samples

    Does anyone know what samples come with Halion3? Are they any good? I tried looking around at steinberg's website and could not find them.


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    Re: Halion 3 included samples

    This is from the H3 Manual that is online, some really impressive stuff.

    The HALion Sound Sets
    On the HALion DVD you will find the HALion Content folder containing
    four HALion sound bank (.hsb) files. These contain the content
    files. The following table lists the sound banks and their content to
    provide a quick overview. Use the Browser page view in HALion to
    check the exact contents of each sound bank. You will find a detailed
    description of all sounds later in this chapter.
    The following sound sets are supplied on the HALion DVD:
    About third party content
    On the DVD, you will also find the “HALion 3rd party Demo Content”
    folder. This contains demo content from different providers (ELab,
    Gary Garritan, Scarbee and Vienna Symphonic Library).
    Also included in this folder is a demo version (PC only, limited trial period
    of 15 days after installation) of Zero X Beat Quantizer 1.0. This
    application for slicing and quantizing audio samples uses the .zgr file
    format which can be imported into HALion.
    File name Content
    HALion 3 Sound Set 1.hsb Drums, Percussion, Bass
    HALion 3 Sound Set 2.hsb Piano and Keyboards
    HALion 3 Sound Set 3.hsb Pad, Synth, Lead and Oscillator Toolbox
    HALion 3 Sound Set 4.hsb Strings, Brass, Choir, Guitar, pitched Percussion

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    Re: Halion 3 included samples

    I've just gotten Halion 3 in the mail just a few days ago myself. I was at the Remix Hotel and haven't had the opertunity to really dig. They are 70% new sounds. I'll leave the opinions to you.


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    Re: Halion 3 included samples

    Yeah, I really can't wait to get my hands on it, very cool.

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