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Topic: I just want a playable piano instrument!!!!

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    Question I just want a playable piano instrument!!!!

    Hello! I´m a newbie so "Greetings to you all!"
    I would like to know if anyone could help me on this...
    I'm trying to find a decent piano that can imitade a real one with sustain pedal down.
    The best sounding I found was the Bosendorfer(GIGA) but I couldn't get to grips with the editor to make the piano play with the correct release settings. So I used CD Xtractor to put it to EXS24 format. Then inside Cubase SX I opened the EXS24 and loaded the convert gig file. All is well but ESX24 starts to go crazy and I get these mad fluttering VST performance readouts when I play more than 2 or 3 notes...So ( uffff!!!) as I own kontakt I thought I'd convert the gig Bosendorfer to nki and then play it there making Kontakt vsti into SX. All is well again but... the converted instrument seems out of balance and when I increase the release control in the ADSR I get this kind of one repeat delay playing. Am I doing something wrong here? Help me out you guys!!! Thanks in advance!! This is driving me insane!

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    Re: I just want a playable piano instrument!!!!

    Which Bosey are u talking about? (theres a few out there now...) rich

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    Question Re: I just want a playable piano instrument!!!!

    Hi! Thanks for the reply!
    Sorry that I didn't give the necessary details
    Well, it's the PMI Bosendorfer 290.
    Oh! Another thing. Here are my specs if you care to make any suggestions or comment something.

    P4 3.0 with HT
    1 GB RAM Kingston PC3200
    2 HDD Seagate Barracuda 160 each split in 4 partitions
    ASUS P4C800 Deluxe Mobo
    Marian Marc X soundcard
    XP pro


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