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Topic: A home referee

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    A home referee

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    Seriously....that was a home referee yesterday at Netherlands VS Portugal! The goalkeeper of portugal felt like three times after nothing happening. When Reiziger tried to throw in there was a portugese defender standing in front of him so he couldn't. Some nasty fouls there from the portugese defense...against Robben and v.Nistelrooy, but the referee didn't seem to be impressed. I think it's just a really lame way of winning the match....besides from their lame tactics.

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    Re: A home referee

    hehe...you needed our man...Collina...the best referee....

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    Re: A home referee

    Indeed. I heard he'll be the referee at one of the remaining matches. Too bad for us

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    Re: A home referee

    (Homer) hehe.....Quidditch.
    Michael Peter

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