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Topic: Vienna Giga Symphony

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    Thumbs up Vienna Giga Symphony

    I can finally announce this: TASCAM is bundling an exclusive orchestral collection with GS3 Orchestra built by Vienna Symphonic Library. Press release follows.


    New Library Distributed Exclusively with GigaStudio 3 Orchestra

    Montebello, CA (July 6, 2004): TASCAM has joined with Vienna Symphonic Library, creators of the most critically acclaimed orchestral library ever created, to create Vienna Giga Symphony: an exclusive new collection to be included free with copies of GigaStudio 3 Orchestra„which begins shipping late July 2004. The new library has been produced at 24-bit resolution and recorded in the Vienna Symphonic Library's custom-built Silent Stage in Vienna. This new library includes 4GB of orchestral samples from every family of the orchestra ? strings, winds, brass and percussion ? including multiple velocity cross-switches and up and down-bow alternations powered by GS3's new MIDI rules.

    "GigaStudio has been the first choice of composers looking for the most convincing orchestral realizations possible through electronics," says Pete Snell, GigaStudio Sales and Marketing manager for TASCAM. "For our new flagship software sampling workstation, GigaStudio 3 Orchestra, it was an obvious choice to contact the premiere manufacturer of orchestral samples in our industry. Vienna Symphonic Library has set new standards for realism and dedication to library development with their Pro Edition and Horizon Series, and we're honored that they've created this custom library for GigaStudio users."

    "In the late nineties GigaStudio revolutionized sampling by introducing the disk streaming,î says Herb Tucmandl, CEO and Creative Director for Vienna Symphonic Library, ńwhich allowed users to access and manage vast amounts of sample data on a scale which up to then had been unthinkable. This innovation was an essential premise for the realization of the gigantic Vienna Symphonic Library project. Therefore, I'm especially happy and proud to present the "Vienna Giga Symphony" to all the users of GigaStudio 3 Orchestra exclusively."

    "Over 1.5 million samples later, the Pro Edition and the upcoming Symphonic Cube prove that dynamic, lifelike orchestral realizations are a reality, thanks in part to our development systems running GigaStudio. We're excited by the possibilities offered by the new version, including 24-bit / 96kHz sample support, built-in MIDI rules, unlimited polyphony and GigaPulse Pro convolution processing. The 24-bit Vienna Giga Symphony is just the first library to take advantage of the new features in GigaStudio 3."

    The Vienna Giga Symphony is an exclusive new library included with all copies of TASCAM GigaStudio 3 Orchestra. It includes the following instrument samples:

    ´ Violin ensemble: Staccato (Up and Down bow), sustains, tremolo, pizzicato
    ´ Viola ensemble: Staccato (Up and Down bow), sustains, tremolo, pizzicato
    ´ Cello ensemble: Staccato (Up and Down bow), sustains, tremolo, pizzicato
    ´ Double bass ensemble: Staccato (Up and Down bow), sustains, tremolo, pizzicato
    ´ Harp: normal plugs
    ´ Piccolo: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Flute: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Oboe: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Clarinet: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Bassoon: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Horn solo: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Horn ensemble: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Trumpet solo: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Trumpet ensemble: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Trombone solo: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Trombone ensemble: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Basstuba: staccato (2 variations); sustain
    ´ Timpani: single hits (left/right hand), rolls
    ´ Xylophone: single hits
    ´ Glockenspiel: single hits
    ´ Bass drum: single hits (left/right hand),
    ´ Snare drum: single hits (left/right hand), rolls
    ´ Tamburin: single hits (2 variations), rolls
    ´ Cymbal (pair): single hits
    ´ Cymbal (suspended): single hits, rolls
    ´ Tamtam: single hits
    ´ Triangle: single hits (2 variations)
    ´ Church bells: single hits

    GigaStudio 3 adds a list of new features designed to make music production easier while producing the most authentic acoustic simulations ever created.

    ´ Unlimited Polyphony: whatever your system can deliver
    ´ VST Plug-In support: use your favorite effects in GigaStudio
    ´ Rewire support: GigaStudio's outputs now connect directly to a sequencer through software signal routing
    ´ 24-bit sample support: a new dimension of detail, without affecting disk performance
    ´ 96kHz sample support: load 24-bit/96kHz instruments for stunning realism
    ´ Expanded mixer: now supports 128 channels and 32 fader groups
    ´ Quick Edit: by popular demand, edit most parameters without opening the instrument editor
    ´ New User Interface look and feel: a modern overhaul to the look of GigaStudio
    ´ Intelligent MIDI: Legato, Alternation, Random modes and more
    ´ Sample Recording: A true sampler should be able to record samples, not just play them back. New GSIF 2.0-compatible soundcards now support input as well as output for recording directly into GigaStudio
    ´ Kernel-level MIDI: Our new MIDI input technology virtually eliminates latency and reduces jitter on the incoming MIDI data
    ´ Surround placement: using a native version of GigaPulse with extra channels for surround
    ´ GigaPulse: This processor, included with every version of GigaStudio 3, models the resonance of a space, microphone or instrument body for the most realistic sampled instruments ever. A playback-only version, GigaPulse SP, is included with Ensemble and Solo. GigaPulse Pro is included with GigaStudio 3 Orchestra, and offered separately for Ensemble and Solo, and offers the ability to create your own reverb impulses and add them to instruments.

    GigaStudio also retains the features that made it the best software sampler available:

    ´ Streaming samples: only GigaStudio allows you to load samples over 512GB for the most realistic instruments possible
    ´ Sound Libraries: The best sound libraries in the world are developed on GigaStudio. Some samplers attempt to convert load GS instruments, but lose the articulations and big sample sizes that make GigaStudio the leader in its field
    ´ Runs on inexpensive PC hardware, integrates with Mac sequencers with a soundcard and a MIDI jack.
    ´ Quicksound: rapid searching of your hard drive when loading instruments
    ´ Articulations: switch articulations by pressing a key, allows for highly authentic phrasing
    ´ Low latency: kernel-level processing give GigaStudio the lowest latency of any sampler
    ´ Native support for the best sound libraries in the world

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    Awesome!!!! I can't wait...this looks very promising.
    Are there any other libraries included...Giga Piano 2 I heard rumored once.
    Either way this looks like a great package...and VSL samples in 24 bit!

    Thanks for the update.
    Edward W. Trevino
    Dandlewood Productions

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    Tons more! GigaPiano 2 is included with all three versions, and most of the top GigaStudio developers are including free libraries. We just thought the Vienna Symphonic Library was important enough to announce on its own.

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    sssshhhhhhhhhhh...it! *faints*

    Its effectively a 'Giga GPO' aint it. I was hoping for some kontakt import ability but this is ultimately what i wanted to do with GPO if it was ever possible
    This is going to be one looong summer thats for sure!
    Any more specific date on GS3's release yet?

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    Thumbs up Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    I had expected some demo material from the VSL team, but not this, excellent!

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    Wow! One question: Will this give users access to VIP pricing in upgrades?
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

    20 Things

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    Its effectively a 'Giga GPO' aint it.
    I have no idea what you mean.

    Any more specific date on GS3's release yet?
    Shipping this month!

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    Thumbs up Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    Wow !! Congratulations!

    I'll be looking forward to it


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    Talking Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    Oh my God! I think I better order that new PC now.

    This month? But this month is still lasting a whole month!

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony

    Nice, but of very limited appeal to existing VSL owners regardless of 24 bits. However, it would be much more interesting if these are completely new recordings rather than a Cube repacks/cut-downs. Either way, it'll be a good and, in the long run, commercially seductive intro into VSL for new sample users. Smart move.

    I wonder what else is being bundled with GS3.


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