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Topic: Legato / Slur for Finale OS X?

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    Smile Legato / Slur for Finale OS X?

    Hi Everyone!
    I am new to the forum, I really enjoy reading all the great tips and listening to the wonderful music here!! It is kind of intimidating and yet inspiring all at once!
    I see that Adam Buford created a legato slur plug-in for Finale for Windows. I was wondering if anyone out there has figured out a similar thing for Finale 2004 (OS X).
    I finally learned how (thanks a million, Gary!) to route the midi outs in Finale 2004 to all 64 channels for the GPO studio. Then to my delight I saw the tutorial on creating mod wheel crescendos and decrescendos in Finale, and now if only someone out there could create a legato slur plug-in, that would make my dreams come true. Although I do have Cubase SX, I prefer the control of having Finale as my sequencer! I like having control over every small detail, and I find that tweaking things in software sequencers is difficult, at least more difficult than tweaking the score. I am relatively new to the Software sampler/sequencer stuff, though I have been a Finale user for 8 years now.

    Any suggestions?


    Jerry W.

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    Re: Legato / Slur for Finale OS X?


    I can't write plug-ins either. But in Finale you can create a text expression which will do the job. I create a separate score for playback. I made a text expression which is called "start slur". (I know, real creative) I give it a playback function on midi controller 64 (sustain) and give it a value of 127. I make another expression "end slur" with the sustain set to 0. If you assign these expressions to a meta-tool you can apply them fairly quickly to your score. In the Kontakt player, make sure you have the sustain pedal set to the 2nd choice, which give legato playback.


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    Re: Legato / Slur for Finale OS X?

    Thanks Jeff! I will try this. I tried it using the pedal markings in the articulation tool, but it never worked - even after trying to tweak it for playback. I never thought about doing it your way! Thanks again!

    I really love this forum! I only regret I only discovered its existence this week! What a great resource and wellspring of knowledge and what appears to be genuine good will and support. I have bookmarked this and will be returning everyday.

    Thanks again!!

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    Re: Legato / Slur for Finale OS X?

    Hey Jeff, I just wanted to thank you once again! it works like a charm.

    I'm a Happy Camper


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