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Topic: Weird Hollow Sound...Kompakt?

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    Weird Hollow Sound...Kompakt?

    (Orginal post in EastWest)

    Just a quick question...

    Before I loaded the new updates, I didn't have this problem.

    Everything is loading right and I have all the same settings as before, but now I get this weird hollow, tunnel sound when playing the instuments. I have checked all my settings...AISO drivers, made sure the updates are in the programs...I'm clueless.

    I have a M-Audio 2496 and it appears to be working just fine...all the same settings as before.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!!


    (New post here)

    Ok. After a day of installing and uninstalling the soundcard and EWQLSO ...this is the conclusion...

    The weird effect not only happens within Cakewalk, but it happens with the stand alone Kompakt.

    Talking with M-Audio and going thru the process of updating drivers and such...the sound card is in perfect operating order (this weird effect does not happen with other applications or hardware except EWQLSO.) When I play on my Yamaha S80... it is not there. When I play a CD... it is not there. MP3's..it is not there. Waves...it's not there.

    I am back to the original config with EWQLSO Silver... before any updates to DFD or the library...and it is still there.

    I am stumped. No matter what instrument in the library I load, it's there. It has a stronger effect on the upper registers (it is more noticeable)

    I'm sure it not the library, or everybody else would have the same problem. So maybe it's with Kompakt? It's like there is a built-in effect processor that loads with each instrument.

    So what's next?

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    Re: Weird Hollow Sound...Kompakt?

    I had the same thing happen today when I loaded EWQLSO Gold for the first time (using it in standalone mode). In my case it was a double midi trigger. Being the brain donor that I am, I just turned my midi controller off and on and it went away, I haven't a clue what was causing it (I've never had it happen with any other Kompakt instrument before. I'll report back if it reappears.

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    Re: Weird Hollow Sound...Kompakt?

    This is either a MIDI or audio feedback loop, resulting in doubles or multiples. Just chase down all the monitoring settings, and I'll be you find some output in either the MIDI or audio domain feeding back into an input.

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