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Topic: Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

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    Angry Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

    Ok I've been using Gigastudio for awhile now and I thought I had finally broken free from the contexant wavestream errors and yadayadayada. With my current setup I have several GS boxes controlled via MOL from a sequencer PC running Logic. Now, on pretty much all of the giga boxes (all use different hardware except that they all have Delta Audiophiles) I get this generic "Gigastudio is experiencing initialization problems - error 218" about half of the time that I boot the giga boxes/programs. Usually I have to heimlech the Giga program to start - strangely what seems to work the best is starting diagnostics and then force quitting Giga while the diagnostics are running, and restarting Giga. If the diagnostic is allowed to finish, I always get the error again when I restart. If I force quit during the diagnostic, Giga has a good chance of booting normally.

    I'm getting pretty frustrated, since there seems to be no rhyme or reason to this error, and I get it on all of my machines meaning that booting my setup takes about an hour of this force quitting/rebooting on each PC.

    Anyone else had problems like this? Any help would be a godsend.


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    Re: Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

    Forgot to mention that each Giga PC is running a clean install of XP with no other software...

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    Question Re: Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

    My guess is you have GS starting up automatically? If you have it to boot up too closely after the initialization, sometimes the app can start before msg32 can get ahold of the COM and COM+ services and cause a problem. This is only an uneducated guess, though.
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    Re: Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

    I start them manually. I figure that starting automatically would be a bit too ambitious, considering how unstable GS has been on all my XP boxes.

    Thanks for the idea tho, you're definitely right about the problems that result from starting Giga too early in the startup.

    -Matt Emery

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    Cool Re: Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

    I experience the same problem as well. I've found that I need to let the pc sit a few seconds after it boots before I try to open Giga.

    Recently I did some snooping around the registry and found an entry under:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NemeSys\GigaStudio\Sett ings

    The key name is "GracefulExit", values are 0 or 1. I've found that if Gigastudio crashes, I can manually edit the registry and change it to "1" (meaning yes it was a graceful exit), and Giga pops right up. This also removes the problem of "Gigastudio did not exit properly, do you want to start in diagnostic mode?" over and over. Occasionally, I still get that warning, even after I run the diagnostic a couple times.

    I haven't done anything else with the registry key, but I had planned on adding something to the startup folder to always change that registry key on each bootup. I'll have to figure out how to do that first!

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    Re: Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

    Thanks for the hint! I've always had to wait 20-30 seconds before starting GS -- or I just start something else first. That quick registry change would be faster than restarting, exiting, and restarting again.

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    Re: Error number 218 - Gigastudio is "experiencing initialization problems"

    the only program in the autostart group is the taskmanager here. if you have a look at the processes tab you will find a process called *userinit.exe* after startup. when this process disappears you can safely fire up gigastudio. seems various drivers have then finished initialisation. btw: no need to restart if this error ocurres - just wait a few more seconds and try again

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