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Topic: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

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    Recording Mic's for flutes


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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    If you're not on a budget, the Royer SF-1 ribbon mic would be great. You'll probably want to use a preamp with 60dB of gain, because it has a low output. (Edit: thinking about it, they have a new model with active electronics in it, so maybe that's not true.)

    Otherwise, any small-diaphragm condenser would be good, preferably flat ones rather than ones with a high-end boost (which can sound shrill).

    I have a pair of Oktava MK012s, which are Neumann KM84-alikes (not the current KM184, which is brighter), and they'd work very well. They're somewhere around $100 at Guitar Center, which is ridiculous for a mic that sounds this good!

    But if I were sampling an instrument for posterity, I'd probably rent an SF-1 (or an SF-12 stereo version).

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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute


    I use a Studio Projects C1 large condenser mic and a Studio Projects VTB-1 preamp for recording NA flutes, and have been very happy with it. You can hear a recording at:


    Listen to "911 Elegy".

    -- Martin

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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    Hi, I used a Rode NT3 mic (has a hypercardioid pattern) and the VTB-1 preamp (recommended by Martin!!)

    You can experiment by placing the mic closer or further away for more or less air, you can also trying positioning the mic off axis if you want more of an ambient sound.

    Here is a quick recording I did with mine;

    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Smile Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    Well Thanks ppl, I was looking the Shure Ksm 141. This mic looks and sounds promising. I am currently using An AKG C4000B for everything at the moment. Here have a listen.


    Please excuse the computer noise when the flute stops playing. I am working on eliminating that crappy noise and also remixing this peice. Thanks again ppl.

    BTW guys nice music. I have 5 flutes, Treble G, F, Low bass in D, Contrabass in C and a special flute made in the key of A. It's higher than a treble flute and there only about 12 in the world I'm told. The flute maker is awesome. His name is David Nighteagle and is a friend of mine. Check him out on the net. He sells extremely quality flutes with pretty decent pricing. Let me know what you all think.

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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    You *can* use a large-diaphragm mic (e.g. C1) on it or anything else, but in very general terms they're intended to provide a larger-than-life, round sound rather than an accurate sound. Normally you want an instrument mic for sounds like that.

    The Studio Projects mics I've heard have a very nice top end, though, so they could work well on flute (Indian or otherwise). My fear would be that their midrange-back curve would tend to make it a little harsh.

    (I can't get the link to play or download, so this is just a guess.)

    The NT3 recording sounds really nice.

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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    Thanks for the reply Nick, when you go to the link does it not take you to my music?. If so Look for Mind Print. It's the only solo peice on there for now. Thanks.

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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    It takes me to the music, but it can only be streamed, not downloaded, so there's something funny about the format. I'm too lazy to figure out which preference needs to be adjusted temporarily on my Mac, but usually files open up in a QuickTime Player window; yours opens in iTunes, which doesn't stream from the internet.

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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    NIck I am sorry you are having problems with that. Mabe I could send you a direct link. Let me KNow

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    Re: Recomended Mic for recording Native Flute

    Hi, I noticed they are m3u files which is a streaming audio format.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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