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Topic: Gigastudio currupt search bar

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    Gigastudio currupt search bar

    I've never seen this problem before: a friend has GStudio 2.54 running on
    Windows XP Pro (Dell Dimension 2.4 P4), 512 mb ram, MOTU 2408/PCI-324 card. Everything was running fine for about a year, then suddenly he couldn't type anything into the search box, or
    delete the text in it, without immedialtely crashing GStudio. We tried a
    complete uninstall per Nemesys' instructions) and re-install but that didn't fix it. So we completely re- installed Windows and that fixed it - for 4 months. Now it's back again! Anyone else ever see this behaviour? Is there a fix?

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    Re: Gigastudio currupt search bar

    I've run into that problem before. The only workaround I usually use is to customize the directories that Quicksound searches and reduce the size of the database and use Window Explorer to drag in files that aren't in the database as needed. It's not a great solution but it keeps the system running. Anybody have a better fix?

    Per Lichtman
    Beyond Belief Music Inc.

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