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Topic: GPO Studio Enhancement Suggestions

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    GPO Studio Enhancement Suggestions

    After working with the GPO studio 1.2 beta, here are a couple of suggestions for enhancement:

    1) Record to File window: Add a checkbox that allows this window to be changed to an "always on top" window. This will make it much easier to use within other applications (sequencers, etc).

    2) Master Volume Control. Philisophically speaking, everything oughta have one. Practically speaking, I do a lot of my work with headphones plugged into my laptop. When working on quiet sections, I can't get enough volume for a comfortable listening level without going into the individual players and cranking up instrument volumes. This is one of my complaints with Kontakt player as well -- needs a master volume adjust.

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    Re: GPO Studio Enhancement Suggestions

    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll make sure that they get to the right people...
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    Re: GPO Studio Enhancement Suggestions

    What I'd like to see on top of the capture to wave feature would be some way to set it up like Gigastudio in that the capture doesn't start until it receives midi signals from the host sequencer. This would help folks like myself who want to record each track seperately for mixing purposes and who are too lazy to line up wave files in cubase that have different starting times. Either that or I need to get better at clicking from Studio to Overture/Cubase when I get ready to record.

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    Re: GPO Studio Enhancement Suggestions

    Joseph, set up a click track that is also recorded by GPO Studio... something like two snare hits on the firt two downbeats, then begin the song, in the midi data...

    That way, even if you start recording times at all different places, you can still line it up by the two clicks (snare hits)...

    Just a thought...?
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: GPO Studio Enhancement Suggestions

    I always have to click on the Wave Recorder in 1.2 beta twice for it to show up. It's a bit odd.

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    Re: GPO Studio Enhancement Suggestions

    Same thing here. When I do anything in Studio after clicking on render to wave, the box showing the progress disappears so I have to click on it again when the song is done to bring up the windows so I can stop the process. Whew, what a ramble.

    Alan, thanks for the suggestion, I can't believe I didn't think of that, but I'm a complete noob so it figures. Great idea, but it still won't be 100 percent will it. I can get it close though.

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