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Topic: How did you choose and what do you use?

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    How did you choose and what do you use?

    Hello everyone. . ..

    I'm soon going to be investing in some orchestral samples and it's fair to say that I'm down to 2 choices and from what I can see and hear, there isn't a 'bad choice' to be made. . .

    What I'm interested to know is - what made you choose GPO? What sequencer do you use it in conjunction with?

    Genuienly interested in any feedback whatsoever.


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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    I was first attracted to the price- I saw an ad in Keyboard magazine. But upon vising the GPO demo MP3 page, I was sold! The sound quality mixed with the EASE OF USE made it a winner for me. When used in the way they were designed, the GPO soounds are fantastic! While there are much more expansive libraries out there that can allow you to control every nuance of every instrument, they are more expensive, time consuming and usually have a steep learning curve.
    But the very best reason to go for the GPO is the support and "care after the sale" that you get with Gary and the whole crew! They are unique in a world ever growing more and more automated and impersonal.

    I use CubaseSX for Mac OS X. But I really use GPO the most in conjuction with Finale 2004!! When playing my notation files back though GPO studio, it really enhances the scoring process and inspires me!

    My 2-cents

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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    as an purely hobbyst, i chose GPO for some basic reason, (and i was one of the first buyer...my choice was made after reading GPO presentation in garritan website):

    1) the price! :-)
    2) the possibility to build the ensemble from the single instruments. i realised just before having read GPO brochure a lot before GPO was on sale, that this could bring a lot of realism in MIDI-orchestral tracks for a lot of reasons. "unfotunately", this translates in a major CPU power-demanding (i wish i had bought a more powerful PC!)
    3) the GPO programming (again, still after reading it on the website) with modwheel and the legato pedal
    4) the fact that in the library there were a piano, and harpsicord, and harp and a church organ

    even before listening the demo, and so before having an idea about how GPO could sound, i thought that this library would give a complete control of the instrument at your fingertip, and, from previous experience, i know how this is important.
    i am still convinced by the fact that is not the "sample" itself that could render a MIDI part realistic, but "what you will do with that sample" (the modulation, the variation, etc). and GPO do exactly this: it let you *control* the samples and the MIDI performance. (and i have to admit that, beside this, the samples ARE really good! ;-) )

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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    Initially, I was overwhelmed by the quality of the sampled sounds. Then, by the unique approach Garritan took in providing samples of different players within a given section, leading to "section building". The fact that GPO is so affordable is the miraculous icing on the cake.

    For sequencing, I use Sonar 3, and embedded GPO-VST Kontakt players. It's allowed me to create several templates from which to begin working.

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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    1) Above all, its the easiest to use orchestral sample library out there, IMO. This is very important if you want to work fast.

    2) The quality of samples is excelent, so there is no need for me to use another libraries for fine tunning my mockups.

    3) And lastly, its expresive qualities are difficult to equal.

    P.S. I use Cubase SX

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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    1. Value
    2. Quality of samples and the ability to use them in a variety of ways without a degree in sampleology.
    3. The ability to do quick sketches with instant quality feedback.
    4. Gary and TomÕs vision as it relates not only to existing products, but to forthcoming ones.
    5. The ability to create truly remarkable music such as many of the demos on the Garritan website.
    6. The support from all those who participate on this forum as well as the Garritan company.
    7. Did I mention value?

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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by doubleforte
    what made you choose GPO? What sequencer do you use it in conjunction with?
    I chose GPO because of the quality associated with Garritan products, and mostly, for its price range.

    I had my eyes on VSL for a while, but was disappointed that I could never afford it - then came along Gary, offering the same instruments, with demos that sounded just as good (and in some cases better) and I called him up.. and the rest is history...

    I use GPO flawlessly as a VST in Cubase SX 2.
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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    Price, mp3 demos, and the never ending fantastic customer service Mr. Garritan has for his users.

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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by doubleforte
    Hello everyone. . ..

    What I'm interested to know is - what made you choose GPO? What sequencer do you use it in conjunction with?
    I was hunting for the best quality samples I could find, at a price point that I could afford. As I researched, GPO kept coming to the surface. It didn't have everything I wanted, so I passed it by, but it still kept surfacing whenever I would bring up the topic. I finally decided to take a look. The strongest selling points to me were:

    1) Gary has a lot of demos posted on his site. Not just carefully tailored demos designed to underscore the strengths of the library, but demos of many styles done by real users -- some pros, some semi-pro, and some advanced amateurs as well. That, in and of itself, spoke volumes about the product.

    2) GPO Studio. A brilliant, custom VST host that allows up to 8 instances of the GPO player -- as many as 64 instruments! Integration with external apps like Finale is fairly simple, and it again gives GPO a unique and powerful feature not available from other libraries at this price point.

    3) I was impressed by the support community that has grown up around GPO.

    4) As I read and came to understand some of the unique concepts that are part of GPO -- such as an architecture that makes it possible to built custom "sections" from individual instruments, and the built-in "randomizing" to make for a more-human-like performance -- I was sold on GPO, with just one reservation. It still didn't have some instruments that are important to me. When I read discussions on this forum about the upcoming Big Band/Jazz sound libraries, I was hooked. I jumped in, never looked back, and have never regretted it for a moment.

    As far as sequencers go, I write most of my stuff using Finale. Finale isn't a particularly good sequencer -- kind of a pain to do much MIDI editing -- but once it's available on paper and has the basic form desired, I export MIDI and edit using Midi Maestro 4. Easy, powerful MIDI editing and a friendly interface to boot.

    I'd recommend GPO in a heartbeat.

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    Re: How did you choose and what do you use?

    The price. I wanted to get a sample library, and I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. I thought $249 was worth the risk to a newbie. I found that what I recevied was worth far more than what I spent. I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever library you choose.

    Here's a post by nexus. He is much more experienced with different libraries than I am.



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