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Topic: Kontakt 1.53 vsti freezing

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    Kontakt 1.53 vsti freezing

    Been having a recent problem since (i think) i upgraded to 1.53

    Essentially if i have more than 6 instruments open within Kontakt whenever i hit edit the Kontakt screen freezes. It still works, it just won't 'explode' the instrument to allow you to map new samples etc....

    Has anyone else come across this quirk?

    I'm running on a P4 with 750mb on SX



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    Re: Kontakt 1.53 vsti freezing

    Karl, I have the same set-up, but not the same problem here...

    I'm using SX 2.0.1 - how about you?

    Sounds unfortunate... and I know reinstalling Kontakt is such a pain with its authorization process, or I'd suggest that. Unless you're using the new SX 2.2 and then you'd have to find someone else to troubleshoot with.
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    Re: Kontakt 1.53 vsti freezing

    actually....yah. I just noticed it once and after rebooting and reloading it didnt happen again. I didnt test it heavily tho, so its possible theres a way to get it to happen 100% of the time

    BTW I had it happen using FXT with SX.
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    Re: Kontakt 1.53 vsti freezing

    I have this problem, but I noticed when this happens the left mouse click no longer functions but the "Right" click now suddenly does what the left click use to do.

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    Re: Kontakt 1.53 vsti freezing

    Try uninstalling VSampler or any Virsyn synths you might have. For me VSampler was the culprit. It has something to do with a conflict with Rewire - that's about all I can say. I've seen this problem on other forums before.

    Good luck,

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