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Topic: MP3 conversion problems

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    MP3 conversion problems

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    I was wondering how people do their mp3 conversions. I have a problem with an mp3 I made. It's posted here:


    There's weird high-frequency warble where the cymbal crashes and the high strings are. The original 44kHz 16bit .wav has none of that. What do people do to get rid of this? Is this just a crappy converter? I used the Cakewalk mp3 program in Sonar, and I used 160Kbit.

    Is it better to put a filter on your music before you do the conversion? Any help would be appreciated.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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    Re: MP3 conversion problems

    My first guess would be that it's the particular codec Sonar is using. I would try doing it in Sonar with a higher bitrate. Use the Medium Quality Variable Bit Rate if it has the option. If you still get the warble, that would indicate that it could be the codec.

    I use Sound Forge for all my compressing and have never had a problem.

    If you do an advanced search at download.com with "mp3 converter" in the description, and freeware as the license, you'll get all sorts of mp3 conversion tools. I've tried tons of converter progs, and have never experienced what you're descibing, which is what really leads me to believe that it's the particular codec in Sonar.
    Michael Peter

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    Re: MP3 conversion problems

    Thanks for the tips Michael. I'll think I'll try out the Cubase SX2 converter, which I recently switched to.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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    Re: MP3 conversion problems

    You were right Michael, Sonar's codec just isn't very good. I used Cubase's, with the same bit rate and the problem is totally gone. Now I have to go back and redo most of the ones on my page since I used Sonar's a lot! It's surprizing that Cakewalk would even use such a crappy codec.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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