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Topic: Why?

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    Why does the Gigastudio website still say "end of June" as a ship date?

    Why is it so hard for them to get their act together and communicate with their customers...?

    I just don't get this level of "Let them eat cake..."

    It's truly pathetic


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    Re: Why?

    And why is it such a problem to have a forum on the Tascam giga site? All competing companies has one!!

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    Re: Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by unison
    And why is it such a problem to have a forum on the Tascam giga site? All competing companies has one!!
    Because the old Tascam forum blows compared to Northern Sounds. The experts hang here who are not employed by Tascam and do this stuff for a living.
    I use to laugh at some of the help others offered, answers like buy a Dell, or replace this or that.
    Just about anything useful can be gotten here.

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    Re: Why?

    Well I agree, but as a new giga user you'd have to know that this place exists, and for example there's still no official tascam moderation here.

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    Re: Why?

    It would seem to be in Tascam's best interest to post a link to this forum, or at least a Giga forum at one of the "other" sites. Would a representative, such as Synthetic, care to comment on this idea?

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    Re: Why?

    The webmaster is busy totally revamping the TASCAM site. This includes a new storefront which has ordering information for GS3 upgrades, obviously a high priority. The changes you mentioned should be incorporated in the new version, but he may not have time to do them to the old site (which will only be around for a few more weeks). I suggested a page of links to "unofficial" forums, I think this should happen on the new site.

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    Re: Why?

    synthetic, you don't say GigaStudio at NS is an unofficial forum - no?
    SCNR, christian

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    Re: Why?

    Thanks Synthetic. I agree that this would be a much lower priority than the work you mention. I was mostly just curious as to whether you were thinking about implementing it at all. I appreciate the prompt response and am glad that more Giga users will easily find forums in the future.

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