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Topic: Hello Everyone

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    Hello Everyone

    I am new and I do not even own GPO, but I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it. From everything I've read about it and all of your fine compositions and support for one another, it really sounds like GPO could be what I'm looking for.

    I come from the jazz world where I've spent a lot of time with Band In A Box 2004 and Cakewalk Home Studio 2004. I haven't done a lot of recording or composing, but just practicing my chops on my Yamaha S80 along with BIAB. As with any software, you can always tell whether a musician wrote the program or not.

    I have come to learn that there are a lot of products out there, but very few producers of music technology that makes a product that compels you to play. BIAB is one those products. The company president Peter Gannon and his brother Oliver are some of the most passionate people making music software today. And this is how I found out about GPO. One of the other users on the BIAB forum said, "There is only one other product out there that surpasses what the Gannon brothers have done, that GPO and it's creator Gary Garritan." IMPOSSIBLE, I thought. BIAB is in its 13th version. There's no way that a product only 6 months old could compel me to interact with it the way BIAB does.

    Ironically enough, I have also recently really started listening to composers like Stravinsky, Debussy and everybody's favorite John Williams. I really want to know if it is even possible to make music like that anywhere close to that on a PC. The sound of a full orchestra is just the most inspiring sound!!

    So here I am wondering whether I have come to the right place...

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    Re: Hello Everyone


    You certainly have come to the right place! Welcome to our community.
    It's good to have you here.

    Coming from a jazz background you will have a great deal to contribute. I think you will be interested in our upcoming Jazz/Big Band library. BIAB is a great product and we are working on ways to integrate with it.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you become a regular participant in our communiy

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Hello Everyone


    Welcome, kick your shoes off, put your feet up - click on some tunes in our demos section, the GPO Lounge, as I call it... I'll bring you a fine glass of champagne while Gary serenades with the harp... okay, maybe this is starting to sound like a certain late-night 800 number ad

    But seriously, welcome to the forum! Hope you pick up GPO soon and have some fun with it...
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: Hello Everyone

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!

    I look forward to good discussions and being part of a great community of people. I'm confident that getting GPO will be money well spent. I should be up and running sometime in August.

    It's great to know that there will be a jazz library coming out. That might come in handy for a guy like me!

    That reminds me of a question. Will GPO ever come out in a Dxi format? BIAB supports it, but not VST. I could only imagine how much better BIAB would sound!

    I hope someday that they find a way to put all of these plug-in formats under one roof!

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    Re: Hello Everyone

    SWardle, I have only had GPO since April and have created some pretty amazing sounding music with it, some of which is going to the CD presses in a few weeks. I love it, and you will too.

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