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Topic: "Electric Percussion" Question

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    Question "Electric Percussion" Question

    Hello...newbie here looking for assistance from seasoned veterans.

    I am wondering what some of the best programs/devices/software/etc. for 'electronic percussion' and similar effects are used in compositions commonly seen in movie trailers. E.S. Posthumus ("Pompeii"...Spiderman trailer and several others) and Craig Armstrong ("Escape" - The Patriot trailer...Romeo Must Die trailer...."This Love" Cruel Intentions) are artists that would offer good representations of what I have in mind.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your assistance!

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Hey B dogg, I can only think that "stylus" from spectrasonics have that kind of electric drums.(www.spectrasonics.net) I haven't tried stylus but I will have it in my pocession one day. I recently bought something called "adrenaline" which is a plug-in from EASTWEST(http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/...tml?sku=PSP-09). I am looking for electric percussion myself. I'll try out adrenaline for you (haven't even installed it yet due to problems with my computer) I'll fire it up and let you know what it's like.

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Unfortunately I'm not to familiar with the trailers in question but electric percussion leads me in one of two very different directions. 1) Some of the very film score like selection in Quantum Leap Storm Drum. You can listen to some of the demo for it at www.soundsonline.com. 2) The analogue drum set style electronic percussion of Mircrtonic (a VST plug-in you can learn more about at www.kvr-vst.com). I'm curious as to whether either of those directions are what you are talking about.

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Theres lots of elctronic kits and sound morphing possiblities that come with NI`s Battery.Rich

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Intakt is also a very nice generator of all things electronically percussive. Lots of fun and good sounding options.

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    I guess Attack was the last real electronic (read synthesis) drum machine, right? Even though the manufacturer has gone under (Waldorf), you can still buy it from some stores.

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Thanks guys.

    Per, I do have an interest in StormDrum. I like the sounds on the bombastic drums. To answer your question, I am thinking along that line, BUT....and forgive me for not being able to me more specific, I'm very new to this...I'm also looking for a percussion program that is electronic in it's sound, not that it's just virtual. Here are three aural examples:

    1. This Love, Track 2 - Craig Armstrong

    2. Gravity of Love, Track 15 - Enigma

    3. Escape, Track 17 - Craig Armstrong

    If you all could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you for the other input.

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Ah, a few minutes away from the studio. I'd love to help but unfortunately my browser tells me that all those links are dead. Does anyone else have this problem? Either way, if you could send me some other links I will try to give a reccomendation tommorow night.

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Hmmm...the links just worked for me. If you're still having problems, I'll find a way to get a sample to you.

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    Re: "Electric Percussion" Question

    Hmm. i can`t open the link either...Yea Lee ,Ultrabeat looks amazing. Just too bad u have to run i on a mac with Logic. Damb elitists!! :-)) Rich

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