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Topic: someones missing me?

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    someones missing me?

    Hy sisters (Nicole) and brothers (all the others) of the GPO family,

    i hope you miss me the last weeks.
    I didn't have much time, could not join the chat, and not listen to the forum.
    But now i am back.

    I would like to present you all my new homepage.
    Please visit http://www.andreas-max.de.vu
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Excuse me it's all in german.


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    Looks great Andy! Sorry I can't read any of it...
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    Re: someones missing me?

    Classy site Andreas.....very nice!

    Isn't language a damn nuisance.....I'm very pro the European Union (I am an idealist!) but can't believe that they haven't chosen a common language yet. I'm a proponent of having only one European language plus the home country language so that every school child has only two languages to learn but will be able to communicate with everyone in the union....I live in hope!! Politics will prevent that happening sadly.

    I want the goveners to put all the union's languages into a hat and pull one out......I'll be enrolled at nightschool within a week....I would love to be able to converse freely with you and other Euro union members.

    I thought Esperanto would be the answer but I guess the powers that be don't really want us to be able to communicate!!


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