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Topic: [Logic] Two open documents

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    Unhappy [Logic] Two open documents

    I have two documents open, both with the same GPO configuration. Every time I switch from the one to the other, the GPO stuff gets reloaded.

    Am I missing something, or is this a bug? There are a couple of other instruments that need to load data, and they don't display this behaviour.

    (And after I switch a couple of times GPO just hangs during the load and I have to kill Logic. Oh Joy.)


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    Re: [Logic] Two open documents

    This problem sounds like a bug to me. I'll submit it to the Native Instruments bug list for action. I wish I could provide better help immediately, but for now I'd just suggest to try running with a single document if possible.

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    Re: [Logic] Two open documents

    While we would like to think of it as a bug it's not. Any time you switch from 1 song to the other Logic loads the instruments, it is faster if they are the same instruments but still obviously takes way too long.


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