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Topic: Notable VG Music arrangments

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    Notable VG Music arrangments

    As many of you are probably already aware, there are many quality re-interpretations and arrangments of video game music at http://www.vgmix.com/ and http://www.ocremix.org/. I've singled out a few that I think are especially worth listening to (just in case you haven't yet) and was curious as to what the general sentiment regarding such sites is.

    A 7th Guest Remix by The Fatman

    Final Fantasy VII Symphonic Arrangement


    Final Fantasy VI (I don't know how to classify this one)


    Just food for thought.

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    Re: Notable VG Music arrangments

    I've done some VG mockups myself and I'll say that it was a pretty good learning experience. I learned a lot about mixing and mastering and some general orchestration. I like the sites okay, but most people are into turning a beautiful orchestrated song into some kind of techno or rock remix. While that has its place, I always prefer the originals to these. My mockups stayed true to the originals as I wanted to see how close my libraries could get and some of the songs I wanted to see how they would sound with a decent set of samples in them. Just my nickels worth.

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    Re: Notable VG Music arrangments

    Personally I tended to generally try (and favored listening to) mixes that where either orchestral or had a very strong environment to them. This is a while back, but I did an orchestal mock-up of Sephiroth's theme that I've been meaning to finish. You can take a listen if you want. It was done all in one chunk (not leaving the computer much for a couple days, that kind of thing) so I didn't have a chance to get clear perspective and the overall level isn't where I'd like. On the other hand it really expands on the original while being highly faithful to the original. I know it needs a lot of work but I'd love feedback, especially from someone who has tried the same sort of thing.


    Most of the samples used:
    GOS Advanced
    Advanced Orchestra (WW and Percussion)
    Project SAM Horns
    Project SAM Trombones
    Project SAM Free Trumpet
    Jeux d'Orgues Soundfont

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    Re: Notable VG Music arrangments

    I'll give it a listen as soon as I get home. Sepiroth's theme is a toughy. Man you must be a masochist. That's one song I wouldn't touch. I'll PM you with details on how to access some of my attempts.

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    Re: Notable VG Music arrangments

    Great job. I loved how it incorporated the thematic elements of the original while you still fleshed it out to be so much more. Excellent. Did the vox come from the Jeux de vagues soundfont? Pretty good stuff. The percussion and brass were very polished. The strings could be brought up a little bit in places, but I'm just niggling for things. Can't post mine here, but I'll send you a PM with links.

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