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Topic: Piano release

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    Piano release

    Quote Originally Posted by xav93
    Hi, all!

    There is a real piano's feature that many digital pianos can reproduce, but not kontakt 1.5.3.

    After you release a piano key :

    - when you press sustain pedal down before the end of normal release, the note come to sound at his current release volume, with a natural decay, as long as i maintain the pedal down, till the end of sample if needed (but of course, never longer)

    - when I stop to press pedal down, the note come to his normal release

    - but if I press it down again rapidly before end of normal release, the pedal FX start again at current release volume.

    - and this effect doesn't work after the note is completly released, of course.

    I tried many things to recreate this pedal effect with kontakt, but no one can satisfy these four conditions above.

    The internal piano sound of my kurzweil PC88 can do this pedal FX. To show you how this sounds, i slicy layered it with our (with Olivier) current light patch of the Galaxy SD.

    example at http://jazzphoton.free.fr/Demos%20mp...%20release.rar

    Someone can tell me if Gigastudio 2.5 or 3, Halion, EXS24 could reproduce this feature?


    Xavier Bidault
    Someone can tell me if Gigastudio 2.5 or 3, Halion, EXS24 could reproduce this feature?

    Yes, Gigastudio 2.54 can reproduce this feature. You have a check box in Intrument properties "Piano release mode"

    Just one click to do this !

    Why Kontakt don't ?



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    Re: Piano release

    more information for the "Piano release mode" the incredible feature of Gigastudio !!!

    1 )Here the midi to test :

    (midi from Xavier Bidault)

    2) Here the real result that you shoul obtain
    in a real piano that Gigastudio already reproduce :


    Here the settings inside Gigastudio to obtain the result:

    in instrument properties

    3) http://www.audiolivepro.com/Gigastudio-settings.gif

    (Just one checkbox to check)





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