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Topic: GPO and Cubase

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    GPO and Cubase

    I am an experienced Cubase user, but a GPO newbie!

    I have seen the Cubase SX User tutorial on this forum, but before I install GPO and Kontakt, need some basic advice.

    I will be jusing GPO as a VST instrument (along with Steinberg Halion, Grove agent, D'Cota, etc.) and want to make sure that when I select the Devices > VST Instruments menu in Cubase, that the GPO/Kontakt VSTi shows up in the drop list for selecting a VST instrument. This is what the Cubase SX User Tutorial shows on this forum.

    Does the GPO/Kontakt VST (called PersonalOrchestraVST I believe) show up here automatically regardless of where I install GPO and Kontakt, or do I have to install the PersonalOrchestraVST *.dll (is there one?) in the Cubase VSTplugins folder (which is where Halion.dll, GrooveAgent.dll, etc. live their happy lives and do their thing)?

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    Re: GPO and Cubase

    The .dll is called Personal Orchestra VST yes... it should have asked you which folder you wanted to install to when you installed... but if not, simply run a search on it and copy and paste into your C:\\ProgramFiles\Steinberg\Cubase SX2\VSTplug-ins folder and you'll be good as gold!
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    Re: GPO and Cubase

    spot on, Alan - works like a charm

    sometimes life can be so simple

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