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Topic: Looking on advice for music degree

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    Question Looking on advice for music degree

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    After many many years and many many sleepless nights, I have come to believe my calling in life is some how related to music but specificly I have no idea what I want to do, but if I had to go to college some form of music study would be what I'm interested in. This is where I'm lost and looking for advice. I can barely read music but I play keyboard by ear pretty well. Idealy 5-10 years from now I see myself making music for film or multimedia, or possibly related to the music technology. I am pretty new at sampling and giga studio and the like, and trying to teach myself how to use these programs as well as mixing and everything else sometimes seems more of a headache than fun. How ever when I just sit down to play I am having a ball. I was wondering is there anywhere online or does any one know of some sort of classes one could enroll in to actually be able to sit down and know what the heck they are doing with all the technology in midi, and mixing and everything else involved? If anyone has been through or has a degree in music technology or audio engineering that could tell me more about it I would appriciate it. I realize too that some big composers out there have little to no formal training in music such as Hans Zimmer, I guess I'd just like to know what all is involved. Thanks,


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    Re: Looking on advice for music degree

    Hi Seth,

    Good for you to realize the need for education/training. Music production is an area that's deep and wide. It doesn't sound like you've decided on a particular track, recording engineering vs composition/scoring, (or something else). You don't mention what instrument you play (or not) or what your background is. What I can tell you is you can't know too much. The only people who will tell you you don't need to know theory are those who don't know it (a way of justifying their own decision). You may be able to make a living without it, some have done quite well, but if composing is where you want to go then get the toolset everyone else has. Theory is nothing but a toolset and any carpenter will tell you a big toolbox is better than a small one. The same goes for recording engineering, the more you know the better.

    If you're in the LA area take Ern's advice. If you're somewhere else, ask around as to what's available locally. Recording programs may be hard to find if you're not on a coast, but there are music schools everywhere. Good luck.

    Steve Chandler

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