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Topic: first symphonic/orchestration attempt

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    first symphonic/orchestration attempt

    Hi all,

    I've done a few short things with GPO in the past week after acquiring it , but this is my first longish attempt (~3:30). I've tried orchestral pieces before with my roland jv-1010 synth but it was mostly horrid. I really like doing string work with a solo cello and a small violin ens. The realism suprises me.

    It could be titled "Colonial Sea Passage":


    Things that need work:
    Brass section is horrid in the middle. I think it's due to all the instruments playing at the extremes of their ranges - picc trump, trumpet, bass trombone - reguardless, I'm having a tough time with brass. I do like the piccolo trumpet at the end though.

    Snare rolls are a bit out of control.

    Cello at the end could be better.

    I haven't started using a foot pedal yet as i don't have one...just a big old mod wheel!

    But all in all I'm really excited about GPO - ready to take some music theory classes and work my way up to composition. I've been doing electronic / technoish stuff and rock for the past 5 years btw.

    thanks for any comments !

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    Re: first symphonic/orchestration attempt

    Very impressive for a first attempt. The only thing I'd say is that the mix is very dry (not neccessarily a bad thing) and could use some panning adjustments. Liked the harpsichord!

    Note to everyone, put a harpsichord in, I'm guarrenteed to fawn all over it.

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    Re: first symphonic/orchestration attempt

    Thanks Joseph!

    I really haven't been adjusting panning too much as instruments seem to be prepanned for the ususal orchestra setup - but since i'm not using a full orchestra it would make sense to make some adjustments. But...I do like my sounds pretty dry - that said, I have everything bussed to an ambience reverb ranging from 40% to 65% send.

    I like the harpsichord verrrry much too - the samples are great. I need a dulcimer to go with it!


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    Re: first symphonic/orchestration attempt

    Sam, Some great ideas and unusual orchestrations here....I like this a lot.


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    Re: first symphonic/orchestration attempt

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy Heern
    Sam, Some great ideas and unusual orchestrations here....I like this a lot.

    thanks frank - yes, if nothing else my stuff is unusual - but that is what i go for. glad you liked it.



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