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Topic: How do you play a midi?

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    Question How do you play a midi?

    Hello all,

    Im brand new to these forums, as well as Gigastudio. I just ordered it, and it should be comming rather soon, but i have a few concerns. Generally, I compose songs in Anvil Studio and DirectMusic Producer 9, then export the song to MIDI format. My question is, with Gigastudio, can it import this MIDI file and play is with the GIGA samples? If so, is it easy and how is it done? ALl the help you could give me would be fantastic.


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    Re: How do you play a midi?

    Hey, FireGS,

    I don't have it yet (waiting for GS3) (sluuuurrrrp), but my understanding is that, once your sequenceer and GS can talk, the MIDI from the sequencer will trigger the samples in GS.

    Traditionally. you would tell GS to assing your sequencer as the "sequencer of record", so to speak. That way the sequencer acts as a "plug in" for GS. These days, if your sequencer supports "ReWire" (GS3 will), GS can be treated as a "plug in" tone generator/software synth, and be triggered from the MIDI outputs in the sequencer.

    I hope this helps.

    Some of the "older and wiser" folk will jump in ....

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    Re: How do you play a midi?


    Alright, im somewhat lost after the first read through, but i think i know what you mean, so lemme see if this is right..

    I tell my sequencer, like Anvil Studio, to output to my MIDI Synth Out, i then tell GIGA to listen on the same Synth out? Or something?

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    Re: How do you play a midi?


    It is much simpler than you think.
    On the main page as GS first appears to you, on the left hand side there is a choice: Settings. Click on it. You will see a page with a first heading of SEQUENCER. There is a browse button, clicking on it will let you navigate to the drive and file where your sequencer is located. Click on the ikon you normaly would start it and you will see the sequencer listed. On this same page you can set the same way your EDITOR (default to Gigasampler), and your WAVE EDITOR (if you have one.
    That is it. Now, if you start your sequencer from Gigastudio, (there is a button for it on top- center) than load your samples you wish on different tracks, change to your sequencer, load a MIDI file and you should hear it play.

    good luck, and buy it... ( no, I am not working for TASCAM)


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    Re: How do you play a midi?

    Ted Vanya

    (Apologies for this insert here.)

    Been trying to reach you through the private message and email channels .


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    Re: How do you play a midi?


    Alright, that seems a whole lot simpler than I thought it'd be. Alright, great. Also, i have a question, I have a SB Live! card, and i know it wont work, so im thinking of getting an M_Audio USB Card...is this wise? i have about a max of $200 to spend, wqhats a good selection?


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    Re: How do you play a midi?

    Within your sequencer when you set up a midi track to compose, you will need to

    1) set up the track to look at GigaStudio as the sound source

    2) then set up the track to look at the channel the instrument is loaded into in GS

    so if your violin is loaded in Channel 2 of Giga, you need to set that track to channel 2. Then you'll hear your violin when pressing the keys of your keyboard.

    If you don't hear anything then (granted your speakers are turned on), you probably don't have the track set up to recognize GS as the sound source.

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    Re: How do you play a midi?

    Does this work also if I'm not using a USB type sequencer? I make all my midi tracks on my Roland Xp60 Keyboard. It has it's own floppy drive on it to edit sound files or save midi tracks. I have giga 160 and I never could figure out how to get anything to trigger from my keyboard to play in giga. I have several midi files I wrote and was thinking that somehow If I just chose the samples in Giga and had like you mentioned violins as track 4 on my keyboard and inside giga and hit play on my keyboard it should trigger those sounds? If this is correct in theory, I just need to figure out where I'm not connecting my system up correctly. One issue I think I have is I do not have any software for using my keyboard with a computer. The only option I think I see is something like xxxxx-401 which would be an outside midi device?
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