G'day all.

I recently bought a TC Powercore, and the Virus Powercore plugin to go with it. I installed it into my main computer, which runs an M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcard.

Everything was cool at first, but I started to notice a small amount of pops and clicks, which would increase in intensity as I added more Powercore plugins.

After taking a tech support ticket at the Powercore website, I received an answer along the lines of "this is an inherent problem with the delta series, it's trying to take too much PCI bandwidth, and a fix is unlikely to come out."

Beautiful eh? I spent 1650$ (AUS) about a year ago on my bloody 1010, and it's been awesome up until now.

Luckily, since I run a multi PC setup, I was able to install the Powercore in another computer, and run all of the plugins over the network using FX-Teleport. That program rocks, it saved me from having to spent ~$1.5k on a new soundcard.