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Topic: Shenandoah

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    This weekend I took a break from working on my symphony and threw together a GPO realization of "Shenandoah", an orchestral arrangement I did a couple of years ago. As usual, go to my website and click on "listen!"

    4 instances of GPO were used, with the following instruments.

    Flute solo V
    Flute ens 1 & 2
    Oboe 2 modern solo
    English horn 2 solo
    Clarinet ens 1 & 2
    Bass clarinet ens 1
    Bassoon 2
    Bassoon 1

    Horn 1 ens 1
    Horn 2 ens 1 and 2

    Harp 1 lite

    Lush strings
    Bass pizz

    This arrangement has already been performed several times, but I've never been able to get a recording of it. GPO to the rescue! And Gary, thanks for the magnificent English horn!
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Shenandoah

    Nice job, Dan. It's a beautiful arrangement.

    -- Martin

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    Thumbs up Re: Shenandoah

    Hey, that is one beautifully piece. Not much to say except thanks for sharing such a wonderful work.
    Love the strings...such balance!

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    Re: Shenandoah

    Very very nice. I tend to stay away from the "critic" board and dont respond often(still listen to everything!) because its just not my nature in most cases to put my opinion(notice opinion) on others works, but this was a treat to hear. Thanks for sharing.
    Nicole Davis

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    Re: Shenandoah

    i have always had a liking for this song and this was an excellent arrangement.
    thanks for letting us hear it.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Shenandoah

    Nice scoring, Dan!

    I didn't know that a Hoosier could write something like that.

    Beautiful string parts and an overall great job!


    Larry A.

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    Re: Shenandoah

    That is really beautiful. It's a very nice arrangement! I love that you made the score available to follow along. I was in a choir which sang an arrangement of it, it was like honor choir or all-state choir, or something; there was two hundred of us. Ahhh memories...

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    Re: Shenandoah

    Dan, I love the chords, really enjoyable!

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    Re: Shenandoah

    I second your remark on the english horn. It's just wonderful!

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    Re: Shenandoah


    This is just Gorgeous. What reverb did you use? It is very spacious without being cloudy. I second the opinion about the strings. Both the writing and the execution in this piece are wonderful. You hit just the right balance between simplicity and complexity. There is enough reharmonization to be interesting, without being over the top and silly. This is certainly one of the best versions of this beautiful old tune that IÕve ever heard.



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