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Topic: GS3 still not shipping!

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    Unhappy GS3 still not shipping!

    How much longer is Tascam going to tell us that GS3 will be out the next month?

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    Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    I┤m not missing anything!!!
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    Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    Website says shipping end of july. Who knows? One thing I can say from being beta tester on several online games Having the public keep screaming "release release" when it's not ready, tends to bite them in the rear when they have a buggy product up to a year after it's official release. I'm sort of tired of having stuff halfway done just to be put out to make a quick buck. It's somewhat refreshing for me at least that they push it back. I'm still trying to figure out how to use giga 2.5 corectly and I've been using it for like a year...

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    Talking Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    their website says "end of June" not end of July. I don't really think they have any idea of when it will ship.

    My guess all along has been October. I know it's just a guess but they have missed every other date.

    I not mad, not even a little bit, i just wish that they would communicate with their user base instead of the silence. They will release it when it's ready (like October).


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    Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    Quote Originally Posted by žETH
    It's somewhat refreshing for me at least that they push it back...
    Maybe so, but it's decidedly UN-refreshing to see ads for months-on-end hyping a product that isn't available.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm these days.


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    Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    I don't care.

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    Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    I'm not saying that developers should release a buggy product. I don't think it's a bad thing to say that a product is "coming soon" like Garritan has done with their solo strings library. I do think that when oh so many years ago the strategy of "vaporware" was employed in the computer industry for the first time it hurt everyone involved. I don't think that Tascam has done that here, but I think it is really romanticizing the issue to compliment them for doing what, on the face of it, could easily be misinterpreted as simply selling vaporware for month after month. I really hope that it comes out soon or it will really start to look like Tascam is trying to fend off their competition with marketing claims.

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    Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    At first everyone was quite excited when Tascam finally came with an announcement of GS3, but apparently these announcements don't say anything, because we still have to wait months, maybe years for the product to come.

    By the way, the producers have had long enough to get the bugs out! You'll probably never get a 100% bug-free product. When you release the product, the users can even help with reporting and/or solving bugs!

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    Question Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    Even stranger is the fact that the "online music dealers" are already offering Giga 3.0 for sale on their sites

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    Re: GS3 still not shipping!

    BAH I saw the June date, but swore, I saw July on there not 2 days later somewhere on that site.

    I agree that they hyped it up way early. Probably just to quiet the masses since it's been in developement forever with no details.

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