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Topic: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

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    FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    Here is today's history lesson. Obsolete.com has a list of 120 years of electronic music from 1870 to 1990. It is interesting to see how sampling and electronic music has evolved from its roots. Much of the evolution is not on the list since they occurred after 1990. GigaSampler, virtual Instruments, Kontakt, plugins, DAWs, etc. It seems that sampling was later in the evolution and emerged as an offshoot. Interesting reading.

    Gary Garritan


    120 Years of Electronic Music
    Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990

    1 8 7 0

    The Musical Telegraph, Elisha Grey, USA 1876
    The Singing Arc, William Dudde,l United Kingdom 1899
    The Telharmonium, Thaddeus Cahill, USA 1897

    1 9 0 0

    The Choralcello, Melvin Severy, USA 1909
    The "Intonarumori", Luigi Russolo, Italy 1913
    The Audion Piano, Lee De Forest, USA 1915
    The Optophonic Piano, Vladimir Rossiné, Soviet Union 1916
    The Theremin, Leon Termen, Soviet Union 1917

    1 9 2 0 s

    The Sphäraphon, Jörg Mager, Germany 1921
    The Staccatone, Hugo Gernsbak, Germany 1923
    The Pianorad, Hugo Gernsbak, Germany 1926
    The Dynaphone, René Bertrand, France 1927
    The Celluphone, Pierre Toulon & Krugg Bass, France 1927
    The Clavier, à Lampes A.Givelet & E.Coupleaux, France 1927
    The Ondes-Martenot, Maurice Martenot, France 1928
    Piano Radio-Électrique, A.Givelet & E.Coupleaux, France 1929
    The Givelet, A.Givelet & E.Coupleaux, France 1929
    The Sonorous, Cross Nikolay Obukhov, France 1929
    The Hellertion, B.Helberger & P.Lerte, Germany 1929

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    1 9 3 0

    The Trautonium, Dr Freidrich Trautwein, Germany 1930
    The Ondium, Péchadre H. Péchadre, France 1930
    The Rhythmicon, Henry Cowell & Leon Termen, USA 1930
    The Theremin, CelloLeon Termen, USA 1930
    The Westinghouse Organ, R.C.Hitchoc, USA 1930
    The Sonar, N.Anan'yev Soviet Union, c1930
    Saraga-Generator, Wolja Saraga, Germany 1931
    The "Ekvodin", Andrei Volodin & K.Kovalski, Soviet Union 1931
    The Trillion Tone Organ, A. Lesti & F. Sammis, USA 1931
    The Variophone, Yevgeny Sholpo Soviet Union, 1932
    The Emiriton, A.Ivanov & A.Rimsky-Korsakov, Soviet Union 1932
    The Emicon, N.Langer, USA 1932
    The Rangertone Organ, Richard H.Ranger, USA 1932
    L'Orgue des Ondes, Armand Givelet France, 1933
    Syntronic Organ, I.Eremeef & L.Stokowski, USA 1934
    The Polytone Organ, A. Lesti & F. Sammis, USA1934
    The Hammond Organ, Laurens Hammond, USA 1935
    The Electrochord, -USA 1936
    The sonothèque, L. Lavalée France, 1936
    The Heliophon, Bruno Hellberger, Germany 1936
    The Grösstonorgel, Oskar Vierling, Germany 1936
    The Welte Licht-Ton-Orgel, E.Welte, Germany 1936
    The Singing Keyboard, F. Sammis, USA 1936
    The Warbo Formant organ, Harald Bode & C. Warnke, Germany 1937
    The Kaleidophon, Jörg Mager, Germany 1939
    The Novachord, L Hammond & C.N.Williams, USA 1939

    1 9 4 0 s

    The Voder & Vocoder, Homer Dudley, USA 1940
    The Univox, Univox Co., UK 1940
    The Multimonica, Harald Bode, Germany 1940
    The Pianophon, --1940
    The Ondioline, Georges Jenny, France 1940
    The Solovox, Hammond Organs Company, USA1940
    The Electronic Sackbut, Hugh Le Caine, Canada 1945
    The Tuttivox, Harald Bode, USA 1946
    Hanert Electric Orchestra, J. Hanert, USA 1945
    The Minshall Organ, -USA 1947
    The Clavioline, M. Constant Martin, France 1947
    The Melochord, Harald Bode, Germany 1947
    The Monochord, Dr Freidrich Trautwein, Germany 1948
    The Free Music Machine, Percy Grainger & Burnett Cross, USA/Aust 1948

    1 9 5 0 s

    The Electronium, Pi René Seybold, Germany 1950
    The Polychord Organ, Harald Bode, USA 1950
    Dr Kent's Electronic Music, BoxDr Earle Kent, USA 1951
    The Clavivox, Raymond Scott, USA 1952
    The RCA Synthesiser, I & II Harry Olsen & Hebert Belar, USA 1952
    The Composertron,Osmond Kendall, Canada 1953
    MUSIC I-V Software, Max Mathews, USA 1957
    Oramics, Daphne Oram, United Kingdom 1959
    The Siemens Synthesiser, H.Klein & W.Schaaf Germany 1959
    The Side Man, Wurlitzer, USA 1959

    1 9 6 0 s

    Milan Electronic Music Studio director: Luciano Berio, Italy 1960
    Moog Synthesisers, Robert Moog, USA 1963
    The Mellotron & Chamberlin, Leslie Bradley, United Kingdom 1963
    Buchla Synthesisers, Donald Buchla, USA 1963
    The Donca-Matic DA-20, Keio Corp, Japan 1963
    The Synket, Paul Ketoff, United Kingdom 1963
    Tonus/ARP Synthesisers, Philip Dodds, USA 1964
    PAiA Electronics, Inc, John Paia Simonton, USA 1967
    MUSYS Software, David Cockrell & Peter Grogno, United Kingdom 1968
    EMS Synthesisers, Peter Zinovieff & David Cockrell, United Kingdom 1969

    1 9 7 0s

    GROOVE System, Max Mathews, USA 1970
    The Optigan, Mattel Inc., USA 1970
    The Electronium,-Scott Raymond Scott, USA 1970
    Con Brio Synthesisers, -USA 1971
    Roland Synthesisers, Roland Corporation, Japan 1972
    Maplin Synthesisers, Trevor G Marshall, Australia/USA 1973
    The Synclavier, New England Digital Corporation, USA 1975
    Korg Synthesisers, Korg Japan 1975
    EVI wind instrument, Nyle Steiner, USA 1975
    EDP Wasp ,Chris Hugget, UK 1978
    Yamaha Synthesisers, Yamaha Corp, Japan 1976
    PPG Synthesisers, Wolfgang Palm, Germany 1975
    Oberheim Synthesisers, Thomas Oberheim, USA 1978
    Serge Synthesisers --1979
    The Fairlight, CMI Peter Vogel & Kim Ryrie, Australia 1979

    1 9 8 0 s

    Simmons Drum Synthesisers, Simmons, UK 1980
    Casio Synthesisers, Casio Ltd, Japan 1981
    The McLeyvier,David McLey, USA 1981
    Kawai Synthesiser, Kawai Musical Instrument Co, Japan -
    The Emulator, Emu Systems, USA 1981
    Waldorf Germany -
    Oxford Synthesiser Company, Chris Hugget, United Kingdom 1983
    Akai Musical Instruments, Akai Corporation, Japan 1984
    Ensoniq Synthesisers & Samplers, -USA 1985
    Steinberg Software Steinberg, Germany -
    GEM Synthesisers ---
    Crumar Synthesisers ---
    Kurzweil Synthesisers/Samplers, Raymond Kurzweil, USA/Korea 1983
    Sequential Circuits -USA -
    Alesis Corporation, Keith Barr, USA 1984

    Reported in slashdot.org

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    This list made me realize that the last class I took in 20th century music history really didn't deal much with the inventors of the technology. I mean, other than a token element here and there (e.g. the invention of the vocoder and it's relationship to telecommunications) there weren't a lot of names I recognized up until the 1960s. Now if this been a list artists or we'd done listening identification of electronic "art music" from the 20th century I'd be in better shape. I guess I'll have to study this list for the next final. :-)

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    ...and just imagine what even just the next 10 years will bring!

    • Serious Real-Time Convolution (reverbs, instrument bodies, mic modeling, speaker emulation - the possibilities are pretty endless there)
    • Physical Modeling (need I say more? - well, too bad, I can't... hehe)
    • Computers that break our RAM and processing barriers into specs we can't even dream of now!
      ...and the one I want to see most:
    • The revival of Seattle's Grunge Rock? (hey, one can hope - can't he?!?)
    Looks like the predictable future is bright indeed - and I can't wait to see the stuff people have up their sleeves that we can't even predict right now...
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    Moog Synthesisers, Robert Moog, USA 1963
    Oh my god, I think I still have the first album Moog released. Got to dig it up and platter the matter into the Forge George and in turn burn to plastic bombastic.
    If I recall correctly it's all Moog Synth.

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    It would be interesting to fill in the last 14 years where most of the innovations have taken place. Let's create an updated list since 1990.

    I think GigaSampler and the advent of hard-disc sampling should make the recent list. Any other candidates?

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    Mark Of The Unicorn, Performer, later known as Digital Performer.

    Pro Tools, Sibilius, Sonar, and a huge list of other companies had Digital Performer to create their designs from. Seriously folks, if you have never seen DP and what it can provide, it will blow your mind. Can you tell I use DP and love it?

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    Yes, but in all fairness DPDAN (and PLEASE without starting a sequencer war) Steinberg invented VST and ASIO, without which none of our studios would function the way they do...

    Also on the list I'd like to see some of the more bold sample developments (ie. Garritan Orchestral Strings - there was NOTHING like it when it came out, yes now, many imitators, VSL - they blew everyone away with their True Legato and size and scope, SCARBEE for his basses and Simone's SID)

    Also on the list I'd like to see HUIs - I have one from Tascam and it's so cool operating your computer like an analog board. Dolby for their AC3 format if they are already not on the list- should be. SONY for their SACD should be included - who knew 1-bit audio could sound so... great!

    And last I think some of the artists who helped usher in our changes in music. Thomas Dolby, Pink Floyd, Trent Reznor, Wendy Carlos, Phillip Glass - the people who really tried to do something different with the technology at their fingertips.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    [QUOTE=Alan Lastufka]Yes, but in all fairness DPDAN (and PLEASE without starting a sequencer war)

    Alan, I have no plans to start any wars here

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    Re: FYI: 120 Years of Electronic Music

    Oh no, I meant by what I was saying - not you
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

    20 Things

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