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Topic: Who kicks your brass?

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    Who kicks your brass?

    I've got 2 hours before the Sounds online sale ends, so I"m thinking of grabbing Gold. Mostly I'm wanting it for Brass and Perc, and I'd appreciate the winds too. From my own listening I really think the EW brass sounds the best, but I'm concerned about the lack of performance tools. I'm wondering if any Opus 1 users could give any feedback on this issue and if you were stuck with only $1k and 1 library to get, would it be opus 1 or Gold?

    Hurry, I only have a little over an hour to decide!!!

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    Re: Who kicks your brass?

    Have you heard the Sonic Implants Brass yet? It's priced in your range and I think it sounds pretty darn well. If yu check out the SI forum Kaveh has a pretty nice cue he did.

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    Re: Who kicks your brass?

    Yes, but I'm also wanting more perc and whatever wood winds I can grab

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