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Topic: Galaxy Patch Question

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    Galaxy Patch Question

    First post here so hello all..

    I've read in a few topics that there is a Galaxy Patch that some of the users here created.. anyone know where I can get hold of it?

    Cheers Az

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    Re: Galaxy Patch Question


    The Galaxy Patch exist.

    got to :



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    Re: Galaxy Patch Question

    All those of you who are interested in getting our patch for the Galaxy Steinway D, please email bestservice (mail@bestservice.de). It makes a long time we have no news from them although they get our patch (and all updates) to test it since 1st June 2004.

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    Re: Galaxy Patch Question

    I was going to ask this - the link to the Glaxay Patch is prompting an email to BestService - I assume this is because they want to know who is using it?

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    Re: Galaxy Patch Question

    I sent them an e-mail, and have not gotten a response. Is there any way that you could post the patch? I have even e-mailed them a second time, and who knows whats going on, but if this patch is gonna sound as good as the last one, I would like to have it ..... NOW

    Sean Beeson

    p.s. Thanks for the hard work you put into this piano stuff, it's pretty cool

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