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Topic: A mellow new one

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    A mellow new one

    A try with my Siss sordino mini. It's 2 min. long.

    Thanks for listening



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    Smile Re: A mellow new one

    Wow, Luca, that's really lovely. I really envy people who can pull off those beautiful harmonies with apparent ease.

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    Re: A mellow new one

    Simple and very beautiful composition/orchestration...congrats!!!

    But , the strings sound fake in some passages...they need
    a slower attack and more expression on these places!!!
    Leandro Gardini - classical/orchestral composer

    Pacific Ocean - http://www.pacificocean.com.br

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    Re: A mellow new one

    Cand and Leo, thanks for your kind comments .

    Yes, in some parts maybe I could use more cc11, but this one has been a very fast rendering, and maybe I leaved the violins a little bit too high here and there. personally I like the overall sound of those sordino.


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    Re: A mellow new one

    I like very much your work Luca!

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    Re: A mellow new one

    Very pretty! The mood reminds me of one of those really cool Sergio Leone scenes.

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    Re: A mellow new one

    Beautiful song . Everything sounded perfect to me

    The piano in the intro is so real that it scared me to be honest, even though i was wearing headphones i thought the sound was coming out of the speakers in front of me ( and waking up the whole house )

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    Re: A mellow new one

    It made me cry!! (damn ;^)


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    Re: A mellow new one

    Harmony and melody and more harmony and then some expressive flows of brilliant tempo and then more resolving harmony, and I loved it. Wonderful composition.

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    Re: A mellow new one

    wow...thanks Bernard, Nedk, Theodor, Sullivang and Joanne...you made me a nice wake up....
    Theodore, the piano is the Steinway included with Silver.

    I used all Symphonic Mini for strings passages, Gpo for all woodwinds, Silver for horn and trombone (edit. and mellow trumpet) and various for percussions and mallets.

    Thanks again to all of you

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