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Topic: Removing Clicks - Support needed

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    Removing Clicks - Support needed

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    I'm doing some restauration work for audio material of some old movies at the moment. While Denoizing etc... works fine, the clicks sometimes give me a headache. I can get rid of most of them (not always completely of course) by cutting them out and copying other parts of the track in, or by filtering or just drawing them out by hand. In complex waveforms often neither of this works. Also I cannot get my Waves X-clicker to deliver decent results (Is it me or the Clicker?). I don't expect all clicks to disappear, but if anyone has any advices on that issue I would really appreciate it.

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    Re: Removing Clicks - Support needed

    X-click has worked for me in the past, but I've found Sonic Foundry's Click and Crackle Remover to be better at removing clicks while preserving the high-end of the audio.

    All I can offer is that sometimes you really have to play with the settings, moving parameter settings one notch at a time and listening.

    If you're actually cutting the clicks out, make sure the beginning and ending of your selection falls on 0 amplitude, or zoom in as far as you can and fade in/out the surrounding area.

    Removing clicks can be a nightmare.
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    Re: Removing Clicks - Support needed

    Yeahh Right, I'm zooming in and crossfading all the time, so that the zoom level pop-up on the right bottom side of my Nuendo arrange window has become really important. Thanks for the hint at Sonic Foundry's Remover, I might try it out (is there a demo version available?).

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    Re: Removing Clicks - Support needed

    The best noise reduction tool (including clicks) is DC Six from Tracer Technologies. It's not cheap, but it is worth the price.


    -- Martin

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