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Topic: NKI to GIG convert?

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    Question NKI to GIG convert?

    Hey all,

    Im VERY new to the GIGA/Kontakt scene, and i was wondering, is there a way to convert .nki files to .gig? or would there really be no reason to?

    Im still very confused about the way giga and kontakt work, so any insight would be great from any experienced users.


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    Re: NKI to GIG convert?


    Yes actually the current version of CDXtract will convert .nki to .gig. Here's their link: http://www.cdxtract.com/home.php You can dowload their demo.

    I've never converted these two in this manner, only the opposite (.gig to .nki). Even though it will convert successfully, there may be problems with the new file.

    BTW, GigaStudio 3.0 "may" convert Kontakt 24-bit files on its own but I'm not sure.

    Good luck,

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