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Topic: GPO Downloads for Mac

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    GPO Downloads for Mac

    All Mac Users:

    I downloaded the most recent version of Kontakt Player (V 1.0.2 I think) to the HD of one of my Mac lalptops. The download produced two icons: GPO OSX Updater and GPO_102u_OSX_Installer.sit Both files are 11 meg plus. Which one do I use for my Mac Kontakt Player upgrade?

    Also, I don't have internet service on my newest Mac. Can I copy these files to my external plug-in HD and then transfer them to my new Mac which contains GPO by moving the icons onto the desktop and then running the installer? Again, which file do I move?

    Last question. Has any Mac user downloaded the GPO Studio V1.2 (beta)? Is it working and did it download to the desktop? Seems there were some problems attached to Gary's announcement.

    Regards, John

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    Re: GPO Downloads for Mac

    GPO Studio does work for me on MAC OS X. The only problem I had, is that after updating and opening the new version, I did receive a blank screen e.g. no Studio window. I could fix this by deleting the preferences (GPO Studio.plist) in the library folder and restart. But do not delete the other GPO prefrences, only studio!

    Hope it helps


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