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Topic: OLD LADY & EMPEROR playable Halion demos

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    OLD LADY & EMPEROR playable Halion demos

    We made playable Halion demo files for the PMI EMPEROR and Old Lady pianos.

    We down-converted the 48/24 bit samples to 44.1/16 samples and truncated them to max. 6 seconds to preserve data space.

    The small Emperor demo file is one 50 MB self-executable WinRar file that unpacks in a folder with the 134 MB demo instrument. This small instrument has a few C’s across the keyboard and half an octave in the middle.

    http://www.postpiano.com/tests/Hal/EmpDemoHalSL.exe is the direct link to the small demo file.

    And the same kind of demo is available for the PMI Old Lady. The archieve unpacks into a 100 MB demo file (down-converted from 48k/24bits to 44,1/16bits, truncated to 5 sec., same keyboard layout as above).

    For those with larger bandwidth internet access we’re uploading full demos also. These are 1 GB instruments (full 24 bits un-truncated samples in 48 Khz) that are packed in several blocks of 50 MB WinRar archives. This file has all C’s across the keyboard, all velocities, and a full octave in the middle. The links will appear here when the uploads are completed!
    Go to: http://www.postpiano.com/tests/Hal/full/
    and download all files for the piano demo you need.
    The files are named: “HalOldLadyFullDemo.part01”, xxx.part2
    and ´HAL EMPEROR demo.part01´etc.

    The .exe files don’t need any decompression programs for PC users. In case of trouble unpacking the files: WinRar is a PC program, free for personal use, that can help fix problems during the decompression.

    Mac users should use MacRar (free download from http://macrar.free.fr/ ) to unpack these achieves. But make sure all files are in the same folder when you start unpacking them. Some people have successfully unpacked these files with StuffitExpander 8.5 under OSX (http://www.stuffit.com/win/expander/index.html) also free for personal use.

    Something seems wrong with the full Emperor demo, so this will be uploaded tomorrow.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Question Re: OLD LADY & EMPEROR playable Halion demos

    Hi Michiel,

    Thanks for making these available.

    Quick question: Are the samples used in the Demo Versions identical to the Samples used in the actual libraries? I seem to remember that, at least for the giga version, the samples were identified as being "beta".

    Old lady is brighter than I initially imagined, but I suppose it can be tweaked to be darker.

    Thanks again for you help and these magnificant piano libraries.


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    Re: OLD LADY & EMPEROR playable Halion demos

    Hi Fozzy,

    Yes and no.
    The Giga demo version used the beta samples (there was no final no-noise processing applied).
    The current Halion demos: The full demo has the final processed samples (24 bits/48k) exactly as the shipping versions. The small demo has special reduced samples (16/44.1 and trucated).

    Hope this answers your question.
    Old Lady is both warm and bright, depending on the velocity. You can't tweak a mellow sample to become bright and sparkling but you can easily tweak a bright sample to become mellow and darker !
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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