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Topic: Boycott SlimFast

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    Boycott SlimFast

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    Not that I bought it anway...

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    Re: Boycott SlimFast


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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    I had a Wendy's Single combo in protest. Hm. Perhaps I should have gone for the triple.
    Um. Why are we boycotting?


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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    Oh, here it is:



    It had to be political. . .

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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    So you want to boycott a company in an effort to encourage them to show ads featuring a person who makes controversial sexually explicit jibes at a political figure? Wow, what courage, what principles, what statesmanship!

    Get over it. If she's made the jokes about Kerry, they'd likely have done the same. Companies trying to sell mass-market products don't like controversy, period. Welcome to the real world.

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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    I wonder what they think about that whole story in Ethiopia...

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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    Celebrity spokepeople. They get paid millions just to have their faces associated with a product. Well, when you whore out your likeness for money, your likeness then represents the product. It's not like they're just doing a couple commercials, they are official spokespeople.

    Who cares anyway? I doubt Whoopi is heartbroken about losing SlimFast. Maybe she can do all the Heinz commercials now (who outsourced their jobs to Mexico and overseas).
    Michael Peter

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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    Bush vs. Kerry has nothing to do with it, Brady, at least not as far as I'm concerned.

    Whoopie Goldberg made a bush (as in pubes) joke at a private political fundraiser. A bunch of brainless right wing jackasses - a lot of redundancy there - got indignant and made noise. SlimFast's parent company succumbed and pulled her ads. Wimpy Clear Channel Juniors.

    The appropriate response is to take back the country from these right wing nuts who want to impose their unbelievably stupid and petty "morals" on everyone else. So what if a comedian makes an extremely mildly raunchy joke! It so happens that this particular comparison insults every crab-ridden pubic hair in the world, but the point is that those idiotic jerks need to get a life. Can you imagine anyone with an IQ over 80 actually calling up a food company to complain that its spokesman made a Bush/bush reference?! Come on. It's such an obvious joke that I'm surprised she even bothered to tell it anyway.

    So no, I won't just get over it. I'm hopping-up-and-down furious at the influence these idiots have in my country. And this is just another example, of course.

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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    Don't get your knickers in too much of a twist, Nick. As it stands, the influence had by YOUR side is felt quite heavily by mine as well. Only it impacts us on a bit more of a substantive level. For instance, thanks to the proliferation of the twisted ideas of your side, one can hardly find a University from which to earn their degree that does not require them to take some kind of pluralist, multiculturalist, or moral/spiritual relativist course that shoves left-wing dogma down their throats. Or how about the inability in some public schools of students to wear crosses or other things that denote their faith? Or how about all the pressure (both public and private) placed on the Boy Scouts because they want to run their organization the way they see fit?

    And here you're hopping up and down because your side lost a few SlimFast ads. Give me a break.

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    Re: Boycott SlimFast

    When you make a political statement you are going to alienate a large group of people. Not a tiny insignificant portion, but a large portion.
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
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    William Shakespeare


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