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Topic: Full of questions

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    Unhappy Full of questions

    Now, bear with me because this is my first experience with a sampler (either soft or hardware) so I'm going to ask a lot of elementary questions.

    I recently upgraded my G4 processor to a 1Ghz so overall use of GPO is way smoother than before. In DP 4.12 when I create a GPO instrument track I start getting faint crackling and static from my speakers. Is this from an insufficient supply of RAM? (I only have about 567MB at the moment) Also, even though I upgraded to a 1Ghz I am still maxing out the processor. Probably due to complicated/note heavey parts?

    Now that finally upgraded my computer I am able to retrack some cues for my projects. But the velocities I set for the MIDI parts are not translating well when I use the samples. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? I am assuming it just takes a greater amount of tweaking.

    I am a little unclear on how to record the samples too. I am very comfortable with my MIDI setup (MOTU micro express, JV-1010, Triton Le with a Tascam US-122) so I understand that the sound from my synth mods go to the US-122 and record that way, but how is it done with a softsynth since the sound isn't actually getting to the US-122? Unless my understanding of the whole process is totally skewed. All this new territory really makes me feel like I have NO idea what I'm doing

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    Re: Full of questions

    Dimora, I'm unfortunately at my computer at the moment, so I can't offer as much detail as I would like, but off the top of my head:

    Check your buffer settings in the player (I think you can do this as a plug-in and not just in standalone) and in DP. I recall having to select a few tracks, change the settings, playback to see how well DP handles it, tweak the settings some more, playback. For me--and I only have an 867 single processor, and, well, not enough RAM--I think my buffer is set at 512. A little high, but the system just feels better there, and I'm happy if the system is happy.

    How many tracks are you playing at once? I can't playback a lot of tracks at once, but I do so much small editing, and then render as audio, I'm never taxing my system too much. The thing that kills my system faster than a lot of notes all at once is a lot of modulation data all at once. One of the windows I always open is the processor monitor window (Shift+y), to make sure I don't go "out of bounds."

    To record the samples:
    1. Set your GPO Instrument track output to, say, bus 1-2.
    2. Add an aux track, set the input to bus 1-2, and the output to whatever your audio output is.
    3. add a stereo audio track, set the input to bus 1-2, and the output to whatever your audio output is.
    4. Open your audio monitor (Shift+a)
    5. Record enable your new stereo audio track. Your "bus 1-2" in the audio monitor window should turn reddish, indicating that it is armed.
    6. press play.

    You should hear your instruments playing back, and you should see the audio registering in the audio monitor. To record the instruments, simply press record and it will play and record at the same time.

    Sorry if any of this is confusing. I lack professional rhetoric, tend to use words like "press the green flashy light buttony thing." I don't know what it's called, I just know what it does...some of the time.

    Regarding MIDI information and translation, I still use some Roland sounds which uses velocity and CC#11 (expression), and MIDI information based on that doesn't translate equally across to GPO for use with velocity and CC#1 (modulation). GPO is a little more sophisticated and needs a bit more attention. If I'm working with Roland or even general MIDI sounds that I know will ultimately be translated to GPO, I will very consciously program the MIDI so it works with the specified instrument. For instance if I have a legato violin line that crescendos and decrescendos, I won't have as much velocity information because I'll be relying on the MOD wheel primarily for expression. If I'm using Roland patches, I will have more velocity information and use CC#11 to mask the jumpiness (in many ways it's a lot more work, I've just done it for so long I'm used to it).

    Don't get frustrated, Dimora. When I bought GPO I was clueless about how softsynths worked, I just took the plunge not knowing how the MIDI would actually trigger the sounds, how I would record it. It was kind of a crash course. There is so much to know about music production besides just writing the music, and it is daunting. But thanks to the fine people at Northersounds, I have learned so much about stuff that I didn't even know existed. Thank you Northernsounds!

    a satisfied customer

    For a whole new experience, try Northernsounds Extreme, with karate chop action!

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Full of questions

    good info JMC

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    Thumbs up Re: Full of questions

    You are my hero!!

    All your suggestions worked wonderfully!

    The biggest cue I have right now has well over 24 tracks on it, but I know I can only play about 4 tracks at once...maybe with some additional tweaking I can squeeze a 5th in there. I always have my processor monitor open too, so I was wondering why the prebuffer meter was never moving

    I'm not well versed in the GM controller data so late last night, after I read your post, I was brushing my teeth and everything came crashing together in my head and finally made sense. I had no idea the modulation controller data actually controlled the mod wheel for GPO ( it...it does right? )....I always thought it dealt with actually tonal modulation......that's my classical training there for ya

    Lately I have been getting so frustrated with all the computer problems and compositional blocks I've been having and that just seeps into every other aspect of my life (silly emotional musicians). But you are totally right, this forum has helped so much!! This really is the most supportive forum I currently frequent. Big props to everyone for encouraging such a welcoming and helpful atmosphere!

    Again, thank you so much!


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