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Topic: Akai Sample cds compatibility ???

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    Akai Sample cds compatibility ???

    Is it possible to load Akai cd roms into Kontakt or EXS24, via the internal cd player on my Mac G4 ?? Can they be read ?

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    Re: Akai Sample cds compatibility ???

    I've done that on EXS-24 for the PC using the internal CD drive. I'm sorry, but I don't know what the technical issues are on a Mac G4 that could cause problems. Without knowledge of any such problems I'll go ahead and say "Yes, you really can." :-) ...

    ... but I hope that one of the Mac people understands this issue better than I do.

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    Re: Akai Sample cds compatibility ???

    Hi insect1,

    Yes, it is possible. The Mac will tell you that it does not recognize the disc and prompt you to either Ignore or Eject. Choose Ignore. Then, you'll need to use the converters in Kontakt or exs-24 to convert the sounds. The manuals should provide you with directions on doing that. Note that this is for Akai S-1000/S-3000 type CD-Roms. I'm not sure if Kontakt is capable of converting Akai S-5000/S-6000 programs or not (exs-24 does not). If not, you'd need to use a 3rd party converter such as CDXtract or Translator.


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