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Topic: Danny Boy with GPO

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    Danny Boy with GPO

    Hi everybody, I have posted just a few things here, and maybe this is something that has not been done with GPO, anyway, of course you know me, everything I do is by ear. I copied this from the St. Louis Symphony recorded on the Telarc CD label quite a few years ago. My Dad loves this song, so I put a GPO version together for him for Father's Day.
    One interesting note (pun)
    I used eight individual violins to make up the first violin section. I never did that before, it's pretty cool. This piece is kinda sloppy, I didn't fix alot of stuff because I had to have it finished for Father's Day. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    This is dedicated to Gary Garritan, and all the Danny's out there.

    Danny Boy

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    Re: Danny Boy with GPO

    Without having heard the original i cannot judge the " mock up" quality , but listening at it with a clear mind ( or ear ) , it is sequenced very well and is a beautiful song. Well done.
    The strings sound very warm and full as they should, articulations and dynamics are very well programmed also .

    The "Multiple solo violin" section trick is a very smart thing to do since that way , you avoid the Loop points totally ( maybe there will be one repetition every 9246423 times the whole violin samples play )

    Another trick which i have used in the past is instead of layering everything together in a single patch , using one solo instrument per channel and drawing by hand or midi controller the dynamics for each so a small difference occurs . Also panning out a -very little- bit the indivudual instruments from eachother ( 17-20-23-25 ) helps a lot to the overall.

    I got a bit carried away

    Nice work man ,even though i am not a Danny i liked it

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    Re: Danny Boy with GPO

    hi dan this might be just coincidence or maybe synchronicity, but i came here to announce my latest attempt with GPO and what do i find but this rather fine rendition of Danny Boy. is it the Percy Grainger arrangement? i haven't heard that in years so i don't really know. anyway whosever it is you have done a grand job with it.
    now if you'd like to listen to a different version of the same song, but with another title, please read my post.
    thanks for letting us hear this.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Danny Boy with GPO

    Hi Dan,

    Well it just so happens that I have that CD, so I can answer aiteoirÕs question. Yes it is the Percy Grainger arrangement. Now back to your piece. You hit all the harmonies spot on. My wife also loves this piece and IÕve been subjected or I should say lovingly cajoled into listening to it for years. ItÕs nice to see that you didnÕt try to copy Leonard SlatkinÕs interpretation exactly however, or the similarity between the two would be really scary.

    Great job,


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    Re: Danny Boy with GPO

    Hi Karl, actually at times I thought Leonard pretty much raced through too many sections. If I would have taken the time, I would have taken the liberty to totaly change the feeling. It is a beautiful arrangement though. Thanks all for your kind words of encouragement and ideas.
    Have a beautiful day! Danny

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    Re: Danny Boy with GPO

    Ailteoir, I'll check it our for sure, thanks

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    Re: Danny Boy with GPO


    What a nice thing to do for your Dad.

    I'm not familiar with this arrangement an liked it very much. Making the string section from individual violins makes quite a difference.

    Thanks for posting this and thank you for the dedication and to all the Dannys out there too!

    Gary Garritan

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