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Topic: Newbie needs a hand...

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    Newbie needs a hand...

    Okay, first things first. I'd like to score an orchestral track. Yay for me. But, I know very little about orchestral sound samples, and I know even less about writing music. Despite these two hurdles, I have a passion to write orchestral music (mainly because I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks, and can hum my own creations without any trouble) and strongly believe it won't take me long to learn what I have to.

    Problem: Personal Orchestra looks great (and like a great starting point), but I'm quite confused about the importance of the whole Gigasampler addons. Before I ask, I'd just like to mention that despite my amazing lack of experience, I have a fairly good ear for sound, and the quality I'd prefer isn't in the range of your average soundfont (even though a few are fairly good). What I'd like to know is... does a person like myself need Gigasampler, in any shape or form? I don't have a midi keyboard (I mostly use VST plugins) and I really don't know enough about the subtle differences in instruments, or even how to play them, to be terribly upset if I don't have the best sounds in the universe at my fingertips. In other words, the only person I'm making music for is myself, and I'm not after award winning quality.

    To balance that statement a little though, an example of the type of music I'd like to write is "The Seventh Seal" (a GPO demo off the main page). If I couldn't pull of something of that high quality (from my perspective) with the standard $249 GPO, I'd be fairly dissappointed. So... sorry for the late night waffle... but, any help/advice would be appreciated!

    And, sorry if this isn't the right forum to be posting in

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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    You do not need GigaStudio to work with GPO, GPO is its own player, much like the VST's you are already familiar with.

    The nice thing about the GPO demo page is that almost all of the one-hundred plus demos on there are by users just like yourself. For a lot of GPO customers are first timers to orchestral samples (like myself). Gary allowed this by his attractive price-point.

    It would help to play GPO in real time if you picked up a cheap midi keyboard... a Radium would work well in your circumstances.

    GPO does sound great, just remember to read the manual first. I know it sounds like the same old tired thing ("RTFM") but in GPO's case it is night and day difference by just following those simple couple of pages...

    Good luck!
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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    Well you sound like myself. I have no formal education in music and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with GPO. Gigasampler is another program that will allow you to use orchestra sample libaries. GPO does not use this format as GPO is in Kontakt player format and will load as a VST in your sequencer of choice. Gigasampler has its uses and there are a lot of sample libraries available for this format. I believe GPO to be a good starting point for anyone with an interest in making orchestra music as it is easy to use and doesn't require a huge investment up front to get going. "The Seventh Seal" by Francesco Marchetti uses GPO exclusively and as far as I know isn't outside the range of anyone owning the library provided you have the time and patience and skill to get that result out of GPO. The music will only be as good as the person making it, so if you have the desire and the ability, with a library like GPO the sky is the limit. For more information and if you have more questions regarding GPO, come join us in the Garritan Orchestra Libraries section of this forum. Gary and crew will respond to any questions you may have and the users there have a wealth of information and demo's to share. I think there are a lot of us like you, we all have an inherit desire to make music and a lot of us lean on each other to learn as we go. Stop by and you'll see.

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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    Thankyou, that simple advice is amazingly helpful

    I was thinking about picking up a small keyboard, but I'll do my best to learn about music while saving my pennies as well. It's nice to know that once I go for it, plain old GPO will do the trick.

    Thanks again!

    Also, thanks Joseph. I may do that, as soon as I have my pennies together =)

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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    I suggest going to your local library and taking out some scores and books on composition to understand the fundamentals. I believe you must know the rules before breaking them. In the mean time GPO will get you started on having fun and scoring those thoughts already in your mind.

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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    Yup, good idea

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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    I agree with everything so far and I have a few extra comments. 1) If you don't already have a fast soundcard, a combined mini-keyboard/audio interface such as the Ozone line from M-Audio can be a great value. 2) I found that some of the best resources for learning to write for orchestra were availble from www.truespec.com. I especially liked Rimsky-Korsakov's Principles of Orchestration. You might also find their book on counterpoint useful.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    Thanks... I bookmarked the site for later. As far as soundcards go, I wouldn't know a 'good' one if it came and slapped me in the face. But, I have a Soundblaster Live! card (for gaming) but that's aboout it, which seems to do the job. I guess if I decide to try the midi route I'll have to look at something better.

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    Re: Newbie needs a hand...

    I had a Live! before I switched to the M-Audio Audiophile 2496. It's much better if you are writing music and I believe the Ozone is a similar situation. Really, if you are planning on using orchestral libraries it's worth the money to switch right off the bat. Either way, do whatever works for you but I'm telling you there is an obvious performance difference.

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