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Topic: HAL3 and "Application Unexpectedly Quits"

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    HAL3 and "Application Unexpectedly Quits"

    I have been getting pretty regular crashes of Cubase SX 2.2 when using HALion3 with which I recently installed, "This Application Unexpectedly Quit". The crashes happen at various times, usually involving working in the browser but also ALWAYS when I do this:
    Load HAL3 into Virt Insts.
    select and load patch
    record a track
    Go back to Virt Insts and unload HAL3

    If I don't unload HAL3, and just continue to work, at some point the program usually will crash.
    I don't have this problem with any other sampler,
    I've done all the repair permissions, etc.....
    This is obviously very problematic.
    Any suggestions, or have I found a nasty bug?

    G4 dual 1.25/768m RAM/MOTU 2408, PCI 424/MOTU MTP AV/OSX.2.8/Cubase SX 2.2/HALion3
    All samples are on Ext FW 7200 rpm IOGear Drive

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    Re: HAL3 and "Application Unexpectedly Quits"

    Same Here:!:


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